Keith Burgun is back...on Kickstarter


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Keith Burgun is one of those designers who, when they announce a new project, I listen. The designer of 100 Rogues and Auro: A Monster Bumping Adventure deserves at least that much. He excels at making turn-based strategy games in which every move needs to be calculated and meticulously thought out. What’s not to love?

His latest idea is a card game called Dragon Bridge and, unlike his previous games, this one isn’t digital.

Dragon Bridge is a 2-player card game that…oh hell, I’ll just cut and paste this one:

Dragon Bridge is a quick, competitive 2-player card game. Players each control a wizard, moving up and down an 18 tile long grid, casting spells, gaining magic items and luring the dragon to one side or another. Players win either by knocking the other player into the dragon, or by escaping off the opposite side. This is complicated, because the Dragon sometimes switches sides. Players are simultaneously managing blasting the other wizard back, running towards the exit, collecting items, and trying to coax the Dragon in one direction or the other!

The game looks pretty interesting and there’s even a print-and-play version you can nab on the Kickstarter page and play right now. If that’s not your bag, you can find the game on Tabletop Simulator.

The game itself is fairly cheap with a pledge of $9 getting you the game and all its stretch goals (which include solo play, extra characters, and more). There’s also an expansion which you can add to your pledge for an extra $9. Keith is only looking for $2500 to make it a reality, so head on over to the Kickstarter page and see if the extra information over there opens your wallet.


Still waiting for Auro to support landscape. Though, now that I think about it,this should be a great candidate to stream to the iPad. Can you use a controller for the PC version?


Oh my, Keith Burgun has abandoned his last few games.