Just One More Run…The Roguelike Thread

With the Dawncaster discussion taking over the What Are You Playing Thread and a general interest in the genre here on Stately Play, I’ve created this thread to discuss our favorite roguelike runs and strategies.

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Dawncaster is the game du jour and I’m still working on my Arcanist. I have some solid strategies that have let me breeze through normal a couple of times but I bumped the difficulty up one and it is a world of pain for me. This far I’ve played my Arcanist as a glass cannon, both with an ice build and a chain lightning build. The approach isn’t working as well at higher difficulties; when the very first enemy hug face takes you down 50% HP, you know it’s going to be rough. I still think that with the right amount of luck I can make my builds work but it’s been ugly so far.

Are RogueLITEs also welcome here? Still need to figure out Everspace and Children of Morta…man I suck at these kinds of games… gives Hades the evil eye


Yes! All amazing games are welcome :grin:

Sky Force Reloaded, while a shmup, has some roguelike qualities I think. Been getting a lot of play on my phone lately for an older game…


Has anyone bought the expansion for Dawncaster? Is it just an alternate campaign?

I just got Dawncaster thanks to everyone’s raving about it … damn you people. Haven’t played a run yet but I’m traveling next week, so I’ll get some time in then for sure.


Yeah, I’m at a lake house in Maine this week, and bought Dawncaster to have something new to play here. Won for the first time last night with an arcanist using a burning build with a very messy deck which got saved by memorized divine cards. Digging the game, but it’s reminding me that my iPad is five years old and the battery isn’t what it once was.

Does anyone have any Warrior advice for Dawncaster? I just don’t know how to build. All of the basic attacks are two energy so the early game is a slog. I don’t know whether I should be upgrading them or getting rid of them. I also don’t have a good idea what builds/abilities actually work. There isn’t quite enough armor in the color to make it sustainable, so anger seems the way to go but I haven’t had much success with it. I haven’t used many frenzy cards because staying alive is hard enough without damaging myself.

I have, it adds a couple of different chapter options I think.

I got it after my first run….

I am currently trying to force a Perfom / Charm build at the moment.

It would be going much better, except my first perform rare card got cut by ‘Em-Ly’

With what class as a base? I’ve not grabbed any of those cards yet but I’ve wanted to.

I think I have tried a perform/charm build with both the Hunter and Rogue, but to no avail.

But then, I die every time to that necro in the swamp. I cannot get any class past him other than the Knight. He literally just did 60 pts of damage to my Arcanist in 3 turns, there is no build to prevent that. I think there are some balance issues with the game.

I am trying the first green guy - rogue? I get confused…

But this time on hard, so I don’t think it will go well

I finally won a run on normal with Warrior. Basically, it came down to a number of talents and enchantments that gave me free basic attacks at the start of each turn. I also loaded up on Advance, Reprisal, and Echoing Strike. When that combo was out, plus my free attacks, I could potentially win each fight on turn 2.

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After your earlier comment, I figured I’d try my first run as a warrior and just see what happened if I added very few cards, and just upgraded my basics (trying to reduce their costs where possible). The whole second half of the game was an absolute breeze. Most battles in the last two zones were over in a single round, because I had multiple free basics memorized and upgraded into the 30-damage range. I managed to kill the Balor before he expired, and my first attack of the final fight did this:


That’s amazing, but only works if you can reduce the cost on those basics, I think. 2 energy for a basic attack is rough if you can’t mitigate that somehow.

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Bought the game based on all of you, killed my phone battery and most of my morning. Hate / love you all.


I have spent a lot of time in my hotel room this week cursing the game, swearing I was quitting it forever and then starting a new game 5 minutes later.


Sounds like the roguelike experience in a nutshell.