Julian Gollop's latest gem is not XCOM and is out now: Chaos Reborn Adventures


I want to apologize to everyone I’m playing with with the iPad account.
Yesterday all of a sudden without warning started an optic fiber upgrade at home…should have been 2 hours but of course I’m still without internet.

iPhone account is always on and with me…so feel free to invite me (Chaos mode preferably).

For notifications I use twitter DM (I’m Pitta_twit in case) but everything will do (even nothing…I have other async games going on anyway so I check the app multiple times per da…hour).


All the positive feedback convinced me to buy this … working my way through the tutorial now. Damn you people and your virtual arm twisting.


The game continues to amaze me.
I almost played async/AI skirmishes only till I’ve been without internet at home since some days (sigh…sorry for not taking my turns).
So I continued the campaign…woah.
While the battles are the same as skirmishes, you recruit people, get gears and even conquer cities and mana flux buildings…all things that change the main quest and your strategic advantage.
I was able to ally with a Dragon’s den…so I had dragons in my deck and even a dragon companion. Awesome.
I’m now at the final battle (which is really hard).


@JMH.75 Just to tell you I’m immensely enjoying our games!!!
Using RftG to notify turns as well :wink:


Me too, although I do not get the take over yet: somehow my take over did not work :frowning:


Sometimes takeovers are bound to certain constraints, and they don’t trigger.


Apologies all, had to reset my phone and lost all ongoing games. Now playing from my iPad entitled JS619iPad; friend requests sent.


It is a shame that such a cool game seems to get profiles and online just wrong enough that I really don’t care to bother.


This. I’ve tweeted and emailed the devs with no luck so far…


Be honest. Is this the new “the dog ate my homework” excuse? :grin:


Haha, no! I was actually enjoying the 3p with @Pitta and @JMH.75 where they were engaged in close combat and I was sitting back, twirling my virtual mustache and waiting to clean up the pieces :smirk:


and what exactly is so terribly wrong with online?
ok, no device sync. what else?
i had no problem to establish a long friendslist, and online games seem to run good enough.


I’m just going on what I’ve heard, but no device sync is a big deal, especially since I’m considering a new phone. I’ve also heard of some notification issues and I do know that I wasn’t able to create any kind of an online ID other than guest.

The bottom line is that there are some games that do online flawlessly, so I’ve been spoiled by the likes of Playdek and CGE. Having to jump through any kind of hoops is a huge turn off.


i like TTA, LoW and Agricola very much, but those are boardgames and not scratching a tactical turn based fantasy squad game itch.
ok, maybe Playdek’s Summoner Wars.

btw the guest log in is no issue, as your custom ingame ID will be just linked to that. in the game you can create a wizard incl. equipment with your chosen name.
campaign progress is saved automatically, even inmidst the tactical battles.


A friendly reminder to everyone inviting me (thanks!) that you have to actually press START GAME button after everyone has accepted the invite to…actually start the game (it’s in green in the main screen) or it will time out.
I know, lack of notifications doesn’t help (game is still awesome tough).


This game needs much more love.

I’m very happy to report that the dev answered me to a direct question, and custom login (not guest, to sync devices) and native iOS notifications are coming in a planned update (2019 tough).

Can’t wait!!!