Indian Summer Friendly Matches

Anyone up for a 3 or 4p game? I am Irishdomer08 in game.

Is this one worth picking up? Never played but it struck me as a multiplayer Patchwork?

I just played 1 game vs the AI so far. I enjoyed it much more than Cottage Garden but not as much as Patchwork (full disclosure, Patchwork is one of my favorite games).

There is some good player interaction in this game. You can use your opponents pieces by playing a bonus token and you need to be aware of the tiles coming up in the queue to get the ones you need before someone else grabs them.

The app is polished and the music is catchy too. Worth picking up I think.


Cottage Garden paled in comparison to Patchwork, but I’ll pick this up and play… Send an invite whenever!

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I’ve got a ti4 rematch today, but I should get into Indian summer tomorrow

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I’m curious about impressions of this game. I bounced hard off of Cottage Garden, but really liked Patchwork. I only played a few multiplayer games of Isle of Skye (another Digidiced game).

Is this another Patchwork hit or not?

isn’t it often referred to as (up to) “4P-Patchwork”?

It’s cute, and feels a little more fleshed out than cottage garden at the first impression. I do have a slight feeling that Uwe was hoping the patchwork lightning would strike twice with cottage garden, and now Indian summer. Patchwork is/was phenomenal and trying to up the player count is a worthy goal. We will see if this game comes close

I got an end of game notification, and got to see the final moves and scores, so that’s all good. I had to return to the main menu when I received my turn otherwise it seemed to take forever to connect. The good news was that once at the main menu it found my game acceptably fast. Digidiced games seemed to be getting worse at finding and loading active games but it didn’t seem a problem here once at the main menu,

Being able to make multiple moves per turn, stealing tiles, and placing animals felt like each turn had a much greater range of interesting choices to make.

It seems a little unthematic that each game is likely to end up with a squirrel convention at the corner of multiple boards, but as long as I continue to think of those as actual squirrels, and not squirrel fur suits, then I’m sure my sanity will remain intact.

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so a recommendation, right?

Speaking of this issue, and Digidiced’s latest offerings, is Isle of Skye playable now and able to show everybody the end of game screen?

final screen yes, but you won’t see all last round’s replays and scorings.
just the same as in Terra Mystica.

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It’s a very nice implementation. The game seems lacks the cutthroat aspect of Patchwork that I enjoy so much though. Though my lack of understanding of certain game elements and how scoring works may be part of the problem…

It’s better than cottage garden. There’s more things to do, so more chances to make combos, interfere with other players and generally feel clever.

The implementation seems good too.

I’m a little dubious about end of game scoring. I suspect it’s designed to give very tight finishes, but they may be so tight it’s actually luck that’s the final deciding factor. That’s all complete speculation though and I’m happy to be proven wrong.

I doubt this is better than patchwork, but that’s a very very high bar in my opinion anyway.

@Hardco we were headed for an outright tie in our previous game if you’d moved differently. The tie breaker is whoever has 1 berry left over, otherwise it’s a tie.

I also can’t help but notice that the first couple of bars of the main menu music are remarkably like wonderwall. So anyway, here’s wonderwall