In honor of the Pawn

As the SP logo is clearly a chess-pawn (at least that is what I see in it), its about time to give the mother of all board games a dedicated thread.

Anyone playing chess around here? I’m beginner level, having an elo of 980 or so. I’m registered at, they have an excellent iPad iOS app (don’t know if they have an android app or not) and it’s perfectly played in any browser. I usually play live games with strangers, but with SP friends I would prefer to play async games. Interested?


I’m godawful at Chess, but I’d love to play some and hopefully improve - let me find the app.

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I’m in… Feederofgoats on

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Request sent… Please invite me to a (async) game whenever you feel like it.

Great!! Let me know how it went.

I am ABlackfyre on btw.

Is there a way to stop the email notifications? The red bubble is sufficient…

ETA: never mind, found it. Has to do it on the website versus in app