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So, bought a crazy ridiculous iPhone 11 pro max today… for gaming…

Am I crazy?


I bought the XS Max last year.

Apple products are not as innovative as they used to be and they are quite expensive, but they are still amazing pieces of hardware.

Let us know what you think. I personally love my phone.


I will be upgrading my iPhone 8 to an 11 Pro either this afternoon, or early next week (when I can get out of the office for more than just grabbing food and eating at my desk).

I still prefer to game on my iPad and my Mac, but Apple Arcade does make me want a slightly better iPhone also.


I prefer iPad gaming, but also just acquired an iPhone 11 Pro Max since Apple’s iOS support ended for my iPhone 6 Plus, after 5 years.

I loved the form factor of my iPhone 6 Plus but I’m glad to see the camera improvements, to include the low-light enhancements, and I’m thrilled with iOS 13 to have the phone only ring for numbers in my contacts list, a wish that I’ve had for years! :sunglasses:

Apple iPhones are not cheap, but since I hold onto them for years, and I have always been a big believer in OS updates for security, I just factor all that in to the cost. Google wasn’t making phones when I picked up my first iPhone, and the other handset makers were spotty on their Android support (they seemed to prefer that folks just buy new hardware if they want a more recent version of Android). Now with the Google hardware it is an alternative, for me, to Apple’s iPhone, but Apple seems to be historically more generous on device and iOS support, which reduces the per year cost.


Same situation here, if money wasn’t so tight I would upgrade s well since I have a 6+ as well. Thank god for my iPad Pro 10,5 not being obsolete as well (in regards to security and iOS compatibility)


ok, I have an 11pro now. This thread inspired me to go buy it today. I blame you all for this purchase!


Hey all,

So, I now have about 100 million apple devices. Has anyone used family sharing to get multiplayer bird games going under a single app purchase?


We never set up family sharing as it is intended; we do, however all use the same App Store account so everyone in the family can download the same apps. This works well for multiplayer gaming.


Yes family sharing works great. Doesn’t work on IAPs though


This is an incredibly specific question on a site not intended for such a question to a limited number of people, but I couldn’t find the answer in a quick search and I don’t belong to many other forums.

Does anyone know if, when you delete an app from an iPhone running ios13, there are any remnants of that app? I feel like I’ve changed certain settings for an app, like notifications, then deleted it, then when I reinstalled it later it restored my custom settings rather than the default, freshly installed settings. If this is due to some kind of info being left behind, is there a way to clear that when I delete an app? I don’t know how better to explain it as I’m really not very sophisticated with software.


Do you have cloud enabled? Maybe settings are copied over there.


No, cloud is off. Not a huge deal, I just have issues:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My recommendation would be to check in the settings app: AppleID > iCloud > manage storage.

Unless you never set up an AppleID on the device, there’s likely stuff there. Apps will save configuration files and settings under iCloud so it’s easier to use them across devices.

I just checked and a couple apps I previously deleted had a few kB worth of data stashed here.


Confession Time:

I am very excited about Disney + and subscribed today.

Works great on my Computer. Works great on my iPad. Works great on the 2016 Samsung TV in my basement office. Does not work on my 2015 Samsung TV in the family room. What?!?!?! But this is perfect for my 7 year old, which I wanted it for her as much as me.

I could switch TVs, I mostly only watch sports in my basement, and it is the 70" TV and the 60" is the older one upstairs, so I could switch them out. But they are heavy, and there are stairs, and my wife will complain about the weight and the stairs.

I could pick up a cheaper streaming device like Chromecast.

Wait, let’s check Apple TV. hmmm, it should work on that…but $200. But…hey, if I order now they will deliver it in 2 hours for $9.

(Apple TV should arrive in about an hour)

bad me


I have yet to actually watch something, but so far I’m blown away by the service. Yes, their server melted down at release, but threat was to be expected. The UI is great and the selection is pretty amazing, especially considering the price. I don’t know how excited I would be if I didn’t have kids as my wife and I aren’t exactly looking for Disney movies after the kids go down, but it is going to be a huge hit in my household.


I’m gonna subscribe—if my daughter can’t get her endless fix of Disney shows and movies, I’m in deep trouble. Just a question of how soon.


I’m really excited to have Phineas and Ferb back. That show is brilliant!


Update: Apple delivered Apple TV in under 2 hours! What a world we live in! Disney + now streaming on all TVs.


Envy you guys.
I’m trying to VPN myself to the Netherlands to subscribe since yesterday, but no luck so far… hope I can solve the problem soon.


Does anyone have any opinions on prebuilt PC suppliers? I’ve built my own PCs in the past and I just don’t want to do it again. What I do want is a PC in which any component can be swapped/added without much issue, as opposed to stuff you’d typically get from Dell, HP, etc. I’ll likely go with ecollegepc, but I see other brands out there like ibuypower (this one actually interests me because I can buy one at Best Buy, which means if there are any issues, I can simply walk it in).