Handelabra's latest, Aeon's End, due for Early Access tomorrow


Originally published at: https://statelyplay.com/2019/06/20/handelabras-latest-aeons-end-due-for-early-access-tomorrow/

  • PC/Mac/Linux

I’m going to admit that, lately, gaming just hasn’t been doing it for me. Oh, I’ve been playing games — older ones, mostly — but there’s very little happening that’s gotten me excited for…well, a long time now. This is changing thanks to our pals at Handelabra. Yet to release a dud, a new Handelabra release is always something to get excited about even if it is just a Steam Early Access launch. So, prepare yourselves for your next Handelabra addiction as Aeon’s End launches tomorrow for PC/Mac/Linux.

Aeon’s End is a cooperative card game that simulates tower defense as mages attempt to turn back the forces of EVIL trying to take over the sanctuary town of Gravehold. In other words, this game hits all of Handelabra’s specialties: cooperative, cards, ability to play solo, and characters with wacky names.

The digital version of Aeon’s End we’ll see tomorrow is an early beta and, yet, still has a surprising amount of functionality.

All 8 playable mages: Adelheim, Brama, Jian, Kadir, Lash, Mist, Phaedraxa, and Xaxos

-Support for teams of 1 to 4 mages

All player cards used to construct the supply

-2 Nemeses, and all general and unique nemesis cards required to play against them: Crooked Mask and Rageborne

-4 difficulty levels ranging from “Beginner” to “Extinction

Multiple ways to randomize your team, the supply, and your opponent

Not mentioned in the above bullet items is multiplayer. Basically, online mulitplayer doesn’t exist. This has been typical of every Handelabra release thus far and, frankly, I don’t miss it. These coop games are excellent as solo experiences, but I get that I’m in the minority. Handelabra did add online multiplayer to Sentinels of the Multiverse down the road, so it’s a possibility that we’ll see this come to life online at some point in the future.

The final release won’t be out for months as Handelabra tweak and polish based on Early Access feedback, so there’s no reason not to jump in early. When the game releases, your EA version will simply become the released version no questions asked. We don’t have a price yet, but considering their past games, I’m guessing it will be under $15.


Has anyone had a play of this yet?


I’ve played a couple of games before I got busy with other things.

It’s a pretty good app implementation. I’ve never played the game on the table, though.

Got my ass kicked on Beginner level a couple of times, but one of those times I almost won (had the enemy down to like 5 hit points)

I definitely enjoyed it.