Halloween Digital Board Games sale!

The Halloween sale is upon us!

Between now and 1st of November all our digital board games are on massive discounts. Happy Halloween!

All our games, on all the platforms, just take a look at some of the offers:

Steam: Rails to Riches on Steam - 50% off!
Istanbul: Digital Edition on Nintendo Switch - 40% off!
Eight Minute Empire: Emperor’s Edition on Steam - 62% off!

So don’t wait and grab our digital board games on a platform of your choice.


I’d like to add that I am not sure it was covered anywhere, but 8 Minute Empire had a big patch a couple months ago to address multiplayer issues. I haven’t actually played it since, but a lot of the previous complaints were addressed in the patch notes.


I disagree. The patch neutered multiplayer. You can no longer invite friends. The unlimited timer is gone so if you ever do not play a turn for (36 or 48 … it is unclear) hours the game times out. Also, the player who plays last is the only one who sees the game summary.

Very disappointing.


You can no longer invite friends

This was never a thing you could do in 8me, though. You can create a private room (and always could).

The unlimited timer is gone so if you ever do not play a turn for (36 or 48 … it is unclear) hours the game times out.

We have added the feature because that’s what most community asked for, truth be told. And we do observe increase in both active games and, perhaps more importantly, online games actually being finished since addition of the feature.

It’s 48 hours, by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

That happens in chained games (when you play with people, finish, and immediately start the next one). It’s all treated as one game, therefore you always see the current state of things. And yeah, I agree it can be quite annoying… All I can do is keep relaying this bit of feedback to my higher ups (which I keep doing). For the time being, the way around it is to create a new room rather than start a new game.


For the timer, Digidiced does it best I think.

48 hour time limit, but then you have to kick out the player.

That way, if you’re playing a friend, you can let them go longer if needed.

If playing a random player, kick them out for being annoying.

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That’s actually an interesting idea, I’ll pass it along.

One issue I see with it, though, what if you play with, say, 4 random people. Who gets to kick the stalling player? The owner of the room? What if they don’t want to, or it’s their friend or something. Then you may be stuck anyway.

Regardless, we know it’s not a perfect solution and we’re trying to figure out the best solution for Charterstone on this one.


Hi Rachet , would you be able to add the multiplayer timer to Steam please , i love the game but have always come across games that hang because of player dropping out.

I myself have virtually (and literally) no control over such decisions, but I can keep reminding my team this feature is being requested.

I’d assume this will come, eventually, even though it would be more problematic than in our other games, unfortunately.