Gaming Simplified


For ages when I have sat at a computer or device to play a game, I have had a glut of choice. An most of the time I sit there and contemplate what I should play, maybe read about the game, and inevitably do nothing.

Sometimes I even load up one of the 50 games in my steam list or icons on my desktop, but I am left dissatisfied. Did I pick the right game? Did I make any progress? Is that game meaningful to me?

Recently I decided to tackle it by going to a “rule of 7” - a maximum of 7 games can be installed at any one time. If I want another game I have to remove one first (not buy one and then remove one). It still means I have a lot of games to pick from, 7 on phone, 7 on PC, 7 on iPad, but it has really streamlined what I want to play and when.

I feel much better about me gaming now. I feel like I can just dive right in to one of the games. And if I am not enjoying it, I cut it loose and don’t have all these feelings of unfinished business hanging over my head.

Anyone else get these sorts of feelings?


I’ve never put hard limits on my installs, but I don’t keep games on any of my devices that I’m not actively playing. It certainly simplified things.


As the King of Backlog I know the problem.
I have no hard limits on installs but try to limit gaming to 1 game per plattform…which worked for a year, now i have gone to a “2 per plattform” rule and it works best.
Still a lot of games (I own pretty much every plattform under the sun aside from the Switch and XBox 1) but the “either, or” per plattform is working very well aside from PS4…too many damn open world games which take a LOT of time to get taken of the list…


I love the idea and should probably try it–I rarely uninstall a game if there’s even a remote chance I’ll come back to it.

I do keep my actively played games in one folder and the others in separate folders on my iDevices, at least, which helps me simplify what I’m playing.