Fleet Comander [Tabletopia] Expeirment



do you nice folks know of Tabletopia? It seems to be an online tool to play physical tabletop games.

Someone ported the original Fleet Commander there and I wanted to try it. I am a huge fan of the game and poured a massive amount of cash on the Kickstarter Campaign for Fleet Commander:Genesis which is the upgraded version of said game with more rules, ships, factions, campaigns…more of everything and which should ship soon ™

I am not overly familiar with tabletopia so I may fumble a bit but is there another person to maybe try out playing a space fleet based tabletop (light) game of sorts with me over there. Its nothing as complex as Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan.

Its just pick three dice (equivalent to actions per turn) and throw them and then resolve the actions…easy to learn hard to master. Also suprisingly fast play / resolve…if you are not like my brother and me…overthinking EVERY maneuver to the n-th degree…

Rules can be found here

I am willing to try out the water in some 1v1 games…if some (very) patient souls would volunteer.


Does the website work on ios?


Tinkering around a bit.

On PC it gives me the “Your browser is not supported due to Unity Web Player limitations, please use other browser to start the game” Error message on Firefox, Internet Explorer seems fine.

I can log into it from iOS (Steam, Facebook, Google login options) and it doesn’t give me an error message.
There is a huge amount of games on tabletopia but with a free account the choices are somewhat limited.

Also cannot understand it all that well. When looking for the Game manually it doesn’t show in search results.
Only going trough the initial link i got from other Fleet-Commander fans it worked.

So it seems a bit undercooked at the moment, but that is the reason i asked for a patient victi…ahem…opponent.
I was thinking that it may be a cumbersome but good introduction to the game because it is mostly unknown but uimmenively satiisfiying game…also the other choices on tabletopia makes my mouth water…

If you are interested I can send you the “invitation link” I didn’t add it to public games yet without knowing the ins and out yet…

Set up and all is fine on my iPhone 6+ so at least that works out, don’t know yet about the game itself yet, I cannot start it solitaire to test it out.


I remember the excitement when they brought Tabletopia to iOS, but didn’t they go with a monthly subscription model? Think that’s what turned me off of it… not that I mind paying for well done stuff, just that I didn’t think I’d use it all that much.


Yeah they go for subscription, but they have three tiers. Bronze is the free (but restricted) tier.
I won’t go higher than free anytime soon, as I only intent to pay subscription fees when I seriously commit to something.

If they’ve asked for a one time fee of 20 Dollars or along these lines I gladly would have payed it (ask my Steam and iOS backlog of 1000 games)


Agreed. I probably would’ve gone as high as 30 or 40 for a one time and my thoughts exactly on the backlog… I might have to check out the bronze tier. Do they have stuff that BGA doesn’t?


I’d be willing to give it a go. The rules seem pretty straightforward, and I’d like to see how the website works in action


Excuse my ignorance, what is BGA?


ok I’l PM you the referral link shortly

@Snotty128 send the Link just now.

@js619 as Bronze tier Users on Tabletopia can have 2 seperate rooms open at the same time, do you want to try it as well?
I would create a second room then if you like.


Its not liking safari, it claims my browser isnt supported.

I tried puffin too but I get a different error. It claims my operating system is not supported due to unity web player limitations, and I need to start the game on a pc or mac.

I’ll hunt down some faqs and support when I get a little more time. Its a rocky start but I’ll give it an honest try to get it working at my end


@Private_Prinny BGA is Board Game Arena


As @Jules beat me to - www.boardgamearena.com

It’s a web based site that has a bunch of board game programmed in - I play a bunch of Tash Kalar, Race for the Galaxy, Seasons, Through the Ages, and others. Anything can be setup sync or async; all games are free, and there’s a +/-$25 USD yearly if you want to - membership gets you stat tracking or something like that. I mostly just pay to support the site.

The graphics aren’t as fancy as Tabletopia but the selection of games is pretty good and there’s a large community. I’m JS619 there as well if you want to check it out.


I dont think this is going to work on ios. Ive noticed on the tabletopia home screen that android and ios are greyed out, and all I can find is news of tabletopia for ios being in development

Sorry dude, I’ll leave the lobby so you can try with someone else


Fair enough, as I was tinkering with it around yesterday I would say it was a “Alpha” Build.

Of course the basic elements were there but it needed a bit of polish. For someone like me who knows the ruleset by heart nerd-twitch it is one thing, but a completely different thing for a begoinner :slight_smile:

pats self on back for being smart and calling the htread an “experiment”
…which it basically is :slight_smile:

I can haradly wait for the shippment of the real thing tough…Fleet Coammander:Genesis upgrades the Base game on so many levels it is ridiciulous.