Feud set to release next week with asynchronous multiplayer


Originally published at: https://statelyplay.com/2019/05/17/feud-set-to-release-next-week-with-asynchronous-multiplayer/

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The last time we talked about Feud from Bearwaves, the title of the post was, “Remember Feud?“. A year later and I guess that title would have worked quite well once again. I considered it, in fact, but then Bearwaves dropped a bombshell: async play is coming. When? When the game releases on May 21st, of course.

If you’re wondering just what the hell I’m talking about, I’m going to assume you don’t remember Feud. Here’s the gist:

Imagine chess, but on a four-by-four grid, where pieces are swapped rather than moved, each piece has its own special ability and–

OK, not so much like chess. What you can expect is a highly condensed little abstract strategy game which is easy enough to learn but quite tricky to get good at. The AI still beats us sometimes. The computers are winning. Please get good at Feud so we can beat them.

That really sells it, no? Ahem. Okay, here’s what’s really going on. Feud is a cool 2-player abstract that’s been in Early Access since about this time last year. It’s a 4×4 board and each piece has its own special ability yadda, yadda, yadda. It’s good. The one thing it’s been missing all this time is a decent portal for multiplayer. Looks like that problem’s fixed.

We just sent an email out to our subscribers with a link to the new build – featuring asynchronous multiplayer – and our release date of the 21st of May! Want a go? Signup is here: https://t.co/PYQFMr5J3s pic.twitter.com/6cOfsEHsxZ

— Bearwaves (@Bearwaves) May 7, 2019

So, next week you can expect the full version of Feud to release with async multiplayer. Pretty cool, no? The only downside for the Bearwaves guys is that May 21st is also the release date of a highly anticipated GMT/Playdek venture: Fort Sumter which could impact their opening day downloads. That said, Feud is free-to-download with no IAP in sight — no, I’m not sure how they’re making any dough off this — so there’s no reason not to download both.