Faeria friends wanted for co-op campaign and friendly games

a bit weird that i could not add you. but you adding me worked.
great lobby game! the timer can really put some stress on when board is busy and hand is full.
i would love to play this in asnyc! so much to think through.
seems you played more or less with the starter deck. very competitive and well played.
although i have some great cards already, i have not yet been struck by a really convincing deck idea. more or less still in the “that looks nice, so let’s give it a try” phase :unamused:

Thanks! It was a good game. I haven’t played enough to put together anything but a green deck–mostly the starter deck, yeah, but with a couple of other cards mixed in. I’ll try something else soon … if the irritation of the crashes doesn’t drive me away.

3x i got messages like this: “Player mgeiger9 lost connection. has 100 seconds to reconnect” the time was counting down in that window :worried:

those were crashes?! oh my…
and reconnections were not really successful then.
we still need more “improvement”.
but i will hang on. maybe taking a long break when it comes down to online play.
solo game is ok and great fun.

i can recommend the free app “Image Size” (by vsmedia).
fast and easy for downscaling and adjusting screenshots to any size and format you want.

Baelnor on faeria

I happened to be level 15, so I put JammaTal as my recruiter…

You are welcome :))

The first message you saw was a crash; the second and third were my attempts to fix the issue with not seeing the whole board by resetting the app and then switching over to the Mac client to finish the game. I have yet to finish an online game without a crash, though.

Seems I can’t get my old account back, so I set Baelnor as my recruiter.

athros is my IGN.

Naw, thanks @athros !

that hurts! :flushed:
even the Practice Pandora and regular Pandora matches crashed on you?
and ladder games?
all those (sometimes quite long) games were ok for me.

thanks @Baelnor! can it be that i got 8 chests by this??
or maybe i had some chests collected by quests already.
i had already named a recruiter, so could not return the favor :pensive:

obviously we can name only one recruiter but can get several recruit rewards :open_mouth:

updated players list:
add your name to this list, set the highest available in this list as your Recruiter.

@jason1002 is jason1002 in Faeria
@geigerm is mgeiger9 in Faeria
@athros is athros in Faeria
@Baelnor is Baelnor in Faeria - Recruiter
@robthomasson is robthomasson in Faeria - Recruiter
@JammaTal is Jamza in Faeria - 2xRecruiter
@Jules is Sjeng in Faeria - Recruiter
@HolstenKnight is Holsten in Faeria - Recruiter
@halfvoid is halfvoid in Faeria - Recruiter

I haven’t played any Pandora games yet–haven’t worked my way up to level 7–but yeah, every other online game I’ve played on my iPad has crashed. It always takes a while, but I haven’t learned how to win (or lose) quickly yet.

Holsten has played a lot of ladder and Pandora (practice and regular) games too. i watched some of those on appleTV or on my iPad (spectator mode).
long and epic games (longer than our game). btw much better entertainment than most TV programs :smirk:
no crash in all those online games.
so i’m a bit confused right now.
frightened by your experiences and at the same time confident by Holsten’s and mine.
i think i will read through some forums to learn more on this.
esp if the devs might know about this “invisible creatures” bug.

we got 3 more updates with “lots of bugfixes and improvements” since then.
Duke reported that all his decks and account data are back for him.
what about your online issues, @geigerm?
any betterment?

Yeah, gotta admit – it’s working great. And, man, it looks great on an iPad.

I can be friended at TheDukester.

oh yeah!
and i must say i would love to play it on an iPad Pro :sunglasses:
so many loveable little touches and animations. i esp like the shivering trees when summoning wood tiles and the splashing water when creating lakes.
and all that glitter and wind and sparkle and glow :roll_eyes:

@JammaTal Honestly, I haven’t gone back to the game since our last match. I might give it another try if/when I get a chance, but I don’t love CCGs so much that I’m going to feel the need to revisit the game repeatedly if it doesn’t really grab my interest.