Every Single Soldier launches Her Majesty's Ship today on Steam


Originally published at: https://statelyplay.com/2019/07/12/every-single-soldier-launches-her-majestys-ship-today-on-steam/

  • PC, iPad?

The previous excursion on the high seas from Every Single Solder was Carrier Deck which plopped you into the real-time boots of a nuclear-powered carrier captain out to solve the world’s problems via air power. It didn’t go over too well with the Stately Players, which was a bummer considering the love levied at their previous non-real-time gems, Vietnam ’65 and Afghanistan ’11.

Undaunted, they’ve hit the high seas again, dialing back the clock a bit to the Age of Sail where you command a frigate in the Royal Navy. Welcome to Her Majesty’s Ship.

Like Carrier Deck, HMS is a real-time game but here you tend to the cannons and ration the rum. The game presents your frigate much like XCOM presented your base. Gone is the wall between the user and the guts of the ship, allowing you to see all the rooms and cannibalism first hand. [Captain B.J. Smethwick denies any cannibalism in the Royal Navy].

Your job is to captain your frigate and progress through the ranks to Admiral aboard a Ship-of-the-Line.

-Progress from captaining a Frigate all the way to a first rate Ship of the Line

-Outplay on Co-Op or Mutliplayer to become Admiral of the Fleet

-Fight the Spanish and Pirates on the high seas

-Real time ship and crew management

-Take Midshipmen onboard and make them Officers in the Royal Navy

-Train your crew and promote them to to increase effectiveness

-Keep the crew from mutiny and at the same time ensure your career is on track

-Raid towns, build forts and press gang new sailors into service

-Manage your stores of food, rum, gunpowder and gold

Visually, the game looks like a lot of fun and not quite as concerned with hewing as close to reality as Carrier Deck did. We can find out for ourselves when it launches for PC later today on Steam.

The ESS page for HMS also mentions an iPad version, but I haven’t been able to deduce if this is arriving today or even still happening at all. I will keep my ear to the ground and update the story if I hear definitively one way or the other.


Looks very cool - hopefully an iPad version comes to fruition. Fingers crossed there’s a pause function in the vein of FTL too…