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Figured I’d make a thread, since I know some of us (@athros @Snotty128 and myself) have gotten into Eve Echoes, and this would be a good spot to share knowledge / ask questions / etc.

I didn’t really get into Eve Online at all, but my understanding is that this is very similar and with the same transactions… I haven’t run into any p2w scheme or paywalls yet, but admittedly I don’t know wtf I’m doing.

Graphics are very solid, even to the point that they make my XS stutter sometimes. iPad Pro handles it without issue. Controls are well done, as is the extensive tutorial. All in all, I’m enjoying it so far.

I literally just posted this in the journalism thread, but this is a much better place for it!

I’m really pleased with eve echoes, I think it’s way better than we’ve come to expect (or dread) when it comes to mobile versions of loved games. I think echoes has captured plenty of the eve gameplay and spirit, and is clearly not just a cash grab. Eve has always had a steep learning curve, but I hope modern online resources will do something to help that curve. Jump on the stately play discord if you need some help.

As to @JammaTal s completely legitimate question, the answer is it’s a bit complicated. There is a monthly subscription option (in the mmo style) but it’s also purchasable with in game currency. It takes me about 6 hours currently to save up enough to buy a months subscription.

Non subscribers can sell at trade hubs, and build and fly all types of currently available ships. You can’t get advanced versions of techs which give extra bonuses, but you’d have to be pretty deep in the game or active in pvp for that to really matter.

ok, seems fair enough.
so i would give it a try, but have read it won’t run on ipad Air2?

appstore says “works on this ipad”.
but says the same for CIV 6 and that game is a crashfest on Air2
(problems are even confirmed by the developer) :confounded:

The Eve Echoes Discord FAQ includes the following which may be relevant to your Air 2 …

During testing, we found that 2G RAM devices are prone to crashing due to having memory issues in large-scale battles. In order to prevent players from investing time and energy, yet not being able to participate in large-scale battles, we have decided to set 2G memory devices as being unsupported. We are working hard on further game memory optimization to support 2G memory devices in the future.

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Made it to tutorial VI, joined a starter Corp, and am rocking my destroyer. No idea how the market works but I’m having fun blowing stuff up, so…

Gotta figure out how to get a caracal cruiser… buy it? Make it?

For 6h time I’m willing to part with the $5 / 12 / 15, honestly.

The entry price seemed pretty reasonable to me, for an mmo, and being able to buy it with in game currency seemed like the good will icing on the cake.

I spent about half a million isk on plex (the thing you buy the subscription with) because the price of plex is going up every day. That way I hope to work the market and sell out for a tidy profit when I think the price has peaked. A bit like the stock market I guess.

I’m working on building my caracal because I’m quite focused on the mining and industry skills. It might take quite a bit longer to build if you’ve gone for combat skills. The buzz of flying your own ship that you’ve built is quite something… but I best make sure I don’t get it blown up! That high is gonna be followed by a low low

Is that the best method - building it out of parts? Do I need a blueprint for that? Just figured out that I could reprocess extra stuff into mats instead of going through the hassle of selling them…

You can break down mods into materials, although I don’t know how long that would take you to gather everything you needed.

I’ll outline what you need to do to build.

First you need a blueprint (Either find it, or more likely buy it)

Gather the required minerals. You could do this by mining ore and processing it, or buy the ore/minerals from the market.

You’ll also need planetary materials. You can get these from the market (expensive in the beta) or mine your own. You can find the planetary materials tab after tapping your portrait.

Get all the above in one place and off you go! You could start with something small like a condor 2, and see if manufacturing is for you. It’s taken me literally days to get close to building my cruiser so you might not want to try that unless you’re fully committed to the idea.

Gotcha, thanks… I got a cruiser trainer, but it sucks compared to my destroyer - I assumed it’d be better, but it’s slower and does less DPS. Is that because I have small missiles instead of medium fitted? Did I go up too quickly?

Yes. You need to have mediums all around on a cruiser.

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What I was afraid of… thanks.

Mk5 medium missile launchers drop from the advanced encounters. Look for the ones that pay around 90k and mention the enemy is caldari ships. They’ll be a bit dangerous so be prepared to warp out when things get hairy.

As a side note, I’ve loved watching the market for the cruiser level modules. When the daily supplies dropped yesterday, medium missiles were selling at a reasonable 40k isk. The price steadily climbed and I sold my spare ones at 75k. After the daily reward dropped today they hit a peak of 200k isk per missile launcher. The demand drove the price nuts. They are a common drop on an easy encounter! There’s money to be made playing the market here.

Good to know, thanks! Downgraded to my destroyer with small Mk5’s and made easy work of the advanced encounters - the “danger” on them had made me leery, but handled them without having to warp out.

What’s the general consensus - take out the cruisers first? Or the escorts?

Depends on the types.

In a general, basic scenario: If anything has webifiers, you take those out first since it significantly increases the enemies DPS vs whoever is webbed (your ship isn’t moving basically, making it a sitting duck for everything).

After that you look for Energy Nos (drains your cap).

Then prioritize Destroyer, Frigate, Cruiser - Destroyers with solid small weapons with extremely good tracking, Frigates have less of what destroyers do overall but still fast tracking, then cruisers (make sure you have an afterburner and it’s on. Helps mitigate damage)

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