Disc Drivin' 2 games, discussions and maybe league

a place to agree on terms for friendly games, for discussions and sooner or later for establishing a league.

Definitely fun but I’d be behind the curve for awhile. Not much time to play and a reluctance to sink money into it just yet would hold me back. But, I’m interested…

I’m in the same boat as @Zebracadabra. I really only own it at this point with the hopes that they smooth it out a little after hearing some of the negative feedback.

Ah man, I suck so much at this game. I’m not too bad in the speed trials with their constant movement, but trying to get some momentum in multiplayer is killing me. I didn’t play the previous disc driving at all, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this eventually.

I think one important thing to consider in any kind of tournament structure is the passive power ups. I’ve got one which makes me immune to spikes, which gives me a massive advantage on spike levels. I don’t have one that makes me immune to lasers, so I would be at a serious disadvantage on laser levels. Due to the seemingly random nature of power up distribution it only seems fair we play with power ups turned off

now we have a place to agree on terms before starting a new race.
generally 3 basic approaches:

a) freestyle - do what you can and what you like: mulligans, passive abilities and all disc powers allowed.

b) fair and even - no mulligans, no passive ability, no disc power but turbo.
recommended for playing with newbies and for a league. it’s all about skill.

c) mixed pickles - no mulligans, passive abilities and all disc powers allowed.
but even details can be agreed on, like no bombs, no missiles or whatever.

in my random games with strangers i keep running into esp one overpowered passive ability: third swipe!
very tough to compete if you don’t own that one.

I can’t mulligan for what it’s worth. It makes me watch then video then says video failed. Maybe if I watched a second video? Lol

I’m in for a league. Only Boost wouldn’t be bad, because 90% of the time that’s the right choice anyway?

How many people got in on the million coin bug? Too bad the purchases were level capped though…

million coin bug?

One of the updates on the weekend gave people (I’m not sure how widespread) millions to billions of coins. The last patch took them all away. Unfortunately, after a day they forced the update…

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@Hardco and @Snotty128, feels like playing “Mario Disc” or “Mario Diss Sliding” :smirk:

What a mess that last one was! I didn’t play the original disc driving at all, but this last match certainly had shades of Mario kart to it

as far as i remember the original DD had no rockets, no magnets, no autopilot, no repellant and no upgrades for bombs (giant multiple bombs) and oil slicks. not sure about the blast.
main focus was on crazy shortcut jumping instead.

Hey guys! New here. Just signed up for disc driving tbh, for now. Long time Disc driver :wink: would love to be apart of something. So I’ll make this an official, bump!

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yes, we really should get some kind of league or tournament going.

Great game ! :relaxed:

That’s probably my least favorite course!

Yeah it’s not the best, but did pave the way for a hilarious race.

Hi All,

Been playing DD2 more lately. When i did some internet searching, I didnt find much besides this forum talking about it. If anyone sees this post. Feel free to hit me up for a random ONLINE RACE. My username is the same. Sirdenrick