Digital Board Games Summer Sale is here

Solemn nod. Indeed. It’s the truth. Would I lie to you? Who do you think I am, a marketing person?

Anyway… In the period of 25.06 to 09.07 all of our games (us being Acram), including DLCs , are on sale on all platforms! Up to 55% off!

I mean just look at that:

Istanbul: Digital Edition on Nintendo Switch – 40% off
Steam: Rails to Riches on iOS – 40% off
Eight-Minute Empire Emperor Edition (all the DLC maps) – 55% off!

And that’s only a few examples. We mean it, type in any of our game’s titles into any search bar of any store that actually sells them and they will be severely discounted. It’s so good, in fact, that Steam store is crashed right now, and I wish I was joking.

So if you haven’t given a chance to some of our games… it’s the best time to do so. And if you have: haaave I mentioned that Charterstone: Digital Edition can be added to your wishlist?


I’ve read a common complaint about 8ME that you can’t pick the number of players online, so you have to monitor the game and start it when you ha e the desired amount, before someone else joins. Can anyone confirm or deny of this is still the case? Also, is asynch still working ok with notifications and/or badges?


Unfortunately that’s how it works atm. We’re getting better and better with each game. That was our 2nd tho.

Push notifications are working fine though :slight_smile:

From a users perspective, Acram are getting better with each game. I would not rebuy Steam or 8ME- push notifications are a bit patchy. I have never completed a MP game because of patchy notifications, games not autostarting, and not being able to limit # of people without jumping in.

Istanbul is great though :slight_smile: