Delay of game (AFK)

Thought it’d be good to have a spot letting people know you’d be away for a bit so there’s no issues with delayed or missed turns.

That said… the wife is taking me to NYC later today till tomorrow for a (belated) birthday, so… probably no moves in all of my respective games till tomorrow afternoon.

(Also I know everyone knows what AFK means, but it wouldn’t let me make a title less than 15 characters.)


Happy Birthday!

What are you guys going to do here in NYC? Dinner? Show?

You are here in the NE somewhere? I think I knew that.

No idea - it’s a surprise. Something during the day that requires comfortable shoes and casual clothes, then a suit for dinner (oh my), staying overnight, and brunch tomorrow.

I’m in northern N.J. - western Essex County. You’re in the city?

I am in Brooklyn, but work in mid-town.

Hope you have a great time!

Huh. I visit Morristown a few times a year; my in-laws live there.

Should you be needing a title justification, I thought “AFK” meant “a … kid” for about a year when I first started playing Counter-Strike. I took it to be an insult leveled at presumably low-skill player (likely me).


Great weekend, thanks to the wife. Had no idea there were a few of us in this area - we should get together for some cardboard and / or drinks sometime!

Sorry all, having internet issues; Fios tech is coming out tomorrow, but I might time out in some games before then… sorry for the delays.

I’ll be traveling all weekend, probably with little to no WiFi, so don’t be alarmed if I’m slower than usual at taking turns or updating the Galaxy Trucker Tourney results. Happy Passover/Easter/Spring break weekend!

Down in PA for the week - 10 got into a STEM program at Villanova for the week - so I’ll be limited PC access till next Monday. Will mostly just affect TS:RS games.