Deals! 2018 edition


Tis the season for deals… Either in our app stores or for cardboard games. Let’s fill this topic with our finds:

Crashlands - $3.99 in Apple and Google stores. I finally subcombed

XCOM: Enemy Within : now $1.99 in the mobile app stores, down from $9.99. This finally made me subcomb too. At that price, it feels like theft.

A bunch of Asmodee Digital games

Istanbul and Brass from Acram


Brass is not really from us, but glad it’s on sale regardless :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually all of our games are on discount right now, so Istanbul: Digital Edition, Eight-Minute Empire and Steam: Rails to Riches. All on Steam, App Store and Google Play :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the steep markdown on Final Fantasy Tactics. $3.99 or so I think.


Subnautica free from today for like a week I think on the Epic games store. Pretty great giveaway.


Pssst, can’t share any details yet, but I have it on good authority, that Istanbul, Eight-Minute Empire and Steam: Rails to Riches will be discounted during the Winter Sale.