DCS F-14B Screenshot Thread


I keep taking these, and some people seem to like them, but I don’t want to crap up the “What are you playing” thread with them anymore, so new thread!



I can’t believe that’s a screenshot. Is your PC ridiculously powerful? I’m guessing it would look like shit on mine.


I do have a GTX 1060 6GB, which I got before Bitcoin mining made them prohibitively expensive, but the rest of the machine is fairly mediocre. An i5-2500k (not even overclocked), which is pretty long in the tooth at this point, and only 8GB of RAM because my motherboard only has two slots.


Also of possible interest: the game has a “walkman” function which allows you to play music in the cockpit, and it comes with a soundtrack for just this purpose:

Hell yes.


These screenshots make me wish I had to kit to make it worthwhile to play this game.


I actually feel like a stick would be all that’s really needed. I have pedals, but I hardly use them at all to make coordinated turns, as it mostly self-corrects. However, I have not really had to test that in high-G maneuvers, where I expect the story might be slightly different…



Ready for takeoff:

Saluting the shooter:

The attention to detail is incredible. Look at those scratches/smudges:

The AI flying formation:


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Edit: this looks fine on my desktop but weirdly dark here. How’s it look for other people?

Edit2: could just be that I habitually have the brightness turned all the way down on my phone…


Pretty dark, but not in a bad way. It actually looks freaking amazing and makes me want to go buy a new rig to play that on. #livingvicariouslythroughKolbex


Dark, but it works.

FFG-7 silhouette in the background looks nice, too.


It’s pretty great! The F-14 is a very temperamental bird (I have discovered, for example, that it is not difficult to snap the left wing off in high-g maneuvers) compared to some of the others I’ve flown (in the sim, of course), but having Jester in the back seat is quite nice for division of labor. It runs very well on my extremely average PC, so you might not be as far off as you think.