Cragne Manor game

This came out at the very end of 2018, and I haven’t seen this covered…well, anywhere, and it’s amazing and weird enough that I thought to make a post about it for Stately consumption.

Cragne Manor is an enormous, 500,000 word piece of interactive fiction created meant as a sort of tribute to the old Lovecraftian IF game Anchorhead. A very large group of IF authors were invited to each create “rooms” in the Manor, and then they were all knitted together in a way that creates a “functional game flow”.

It’s free, playable in your browser. I’ve played only a small portion of it, and it’s weird, haunting, and immersive. Some rooms are definitely more engrossing than others, acting almost like games unto themselves. Others are a single puzzle, and others are…hard to describe. It’s hit or miss. But when it hits, it’s delightful. Well, in a sick, creepy way.

Have at it here:


I definitely lol’d at this on page 2 -

“By ordinary human standards, this is not a good game.”