Comedy (sketches, routines, jokes)


The inimitable Stewart Lee.

A classic.

Turns itself inside out.

Mitchell & Webb’s Queen Victoria.


My all time favourite.


That’s amazing, I watched the whole vid and loved it! Also, he said he said he couldn’t believe The Rolling Stones were still playing… 33 years ago!

Tough act to follow, but here are some of my favorites in case you hadn’t seen them yet:


Ahahaha, hell yeah. I just thought about this one in the shower yesterday, remembering what is probably my favorite joke of all time: “The other day I…oh, wait, that wasn’t me.”





Was literally wearing this as I opened this thread. I bought it from the man himself at his show a month or so ago. Have you seen his TV show? It’s easily the best TV I’ve seen this year. A damn-near perfect season of TV.


Only just discovered him!



Ohh Wow I have just watch the few videos and it is so amazing the laughing can’t be stop.