CMSF2 - Ze Germans at ze Alamo


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Welcome to Nur ad-Din, a Crusader-era fortress currently held by a German unit establishing a Tactical Operations Centre 10km inside Syria. Also currently about to come under attack by a Syrian force of armour and infantry. Spoiler alert: fuck.

I have one platoon of infantry, several HQ units including the company and signals HQs, a squad of pioneers, three sniper/spotter sections, 3 APCs, and a trump card, a Wiesel tankette with a 20mm autocannon.

As the site is a logistics and HQ hub, I am woefully undergunned, with no HMGs, perhaps half a dozen LMGs in the various squads, and 17 (I counted them all and wished I hadn’t) AT rockets divided up as equally as I could manage. I have no air or artillery support, but some should be available within 30 minutes, and I have an artillery spotter/forward air controller in the castle’s south-east tower awaiting their arrival. Reinforcements are due, in the form of armour and mechanised infantry, sometime ‘soon’.

The castle is a terrible defensive position, sited on a hill, with only a partial perimeter wall around it and the nearby buildings. The east side is mostly orchards on a long, gentle slope.

The west side is more ‘stepped’.

Woods cover the northern slope of the hill almost to the castle’s walls. Syrian infantry have already infiltrated into those woods.

Off to the south, on the probable axis of the main attack, I’ve strung several anti-tank mines between some buildings in the hope some dickheads will drive over them.

If they lack screening infantry, this is more likely. A large portion of the hilltop to the south is made up of orchards, which is good as it divides line of sight up into lanes.

Given that my Wiesel has all the armour of a coke can, I hope I can isolate individual targets, hose them down with 20mm, then move on before any return fire ruins my day.

I do have plenty of small arms ammunition, every squad has a double helping of 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 40mm grenades. My APCs are only lightly armed with a single 7.62mm MG, and quite frankly given the close range of the firefight to ensue, I expect them to die via RPG or the gunner to get shot in the face, very quickly.

The Wiesel has 600 rounds of HE, and 360 rounds of APDS. I am not expecting much of it to get used.

I do have a nice bonus in the form of two Milan AT teams, outside the wire, who were out recceing firing positions.

They only have three missiles each, but that’s possibly six nasty surprises for the Syrians, if I can keep them from getting spotted. Their vehicles are very lightly armoured, so I’ll need to find good firing positions quickly.


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Kick off.

Milan teams Thor and Loki set off at top speed for their prospective firing positions, buildings to the west of Castle Hill, where they’ll be able to set up on a nice comfy rooftop, which will hopefully give them enough height to target Syrian forces that have reached the top of the hill, and ensure a flanking shot, which means a bigger likelihood of a kill and a lower likelihood of being noticed. I can dream.

Within seconds, contacts are reported to the north-west and north-east among the trees, and the sniper section HQ, Odin, perched in the tower next to the castle on its west side, opens fire. .300 Winchester Magnum and 5.56mm are cool, but have you ever tried just taking an RPG to the fucking face in the first thirty seconds of an engagement?

The Syrian forces obviously have zero chill, and a wounded sniper limps out of the tower with his spotter in tow, for a safer spot.

On the east side, the Gebirgsjäger battalion HQ, Baldr, engages an infantry squad, kills two and pins a third wielding an RPG, without breaking a sweat.


More contacts to the north-west, engaged with fully automatic fire and grenades by the Gbj section on the perimeter at 60m range.

North-east, Baldr takes an RPG to the faces. Three of the four men are wounded.

Fuck. Two minutes in to a 90-minute battle.

A dickhead drives over one of my now-presciently-planted mines.

Hopefully that IFV was full of dickheads as well as driven by one.

He is merely one of many though, and several tanks, IFVs, and infantry squads crest the hill and come into view of my main defence.

Sniper section 1, Huginn, thoughtfully introduces a Syrian to the delights of a .50 calibre round at about 350m range.

Loki gets the Milan set up on a rooftop.

And spots trucks dropping off infantry on the south slope of the hill.

I wish I had missiles to spare for them. Thor still en route.


With more armour coming into view, including everyone’s best mate, a ZSU, it’s Loki’s time to shine.

Their first missile does me proud by missing the tank they aimed at, and smacking into an IFV pushing through the orchard.

I can live with that, I suppose. A secondary explosion confirms the IFV is proper fucked.

Second missile hits the tank and the blast also catches the ZSU.

Bonus. Return fire splashes well wide of Loki, and the ZSU appears to have suffered serious damage, as its considerable weight of fire from quad 23mm cannons goes well over the heads of the Milan team as they load their third and last missile. I dare to hope that the ZSU has turret damage, in time for it to graze and then wound an unlucky trooper, taking him out of the fight in a long spray of HE fire.

Thor not quite there yet.

Huginn and Muninn sniper sections collaborate in wiping out an MG team running for a building. .50 cal is a Hell of a drug taken intramuscularly.



The southern slope is crawling with infantry.

And the southern end of the hilltop now features a couple of tanks and a ZSU, at minimum.

Thor gets into position, perfect line of sight to the ZSU, and lets the side down in spectacular fashion.

Meanwhile, Loki abandons their exposed position for the delights of cowering indoors.

The Panzer pioneer HQ, Vali, moves up to the tower abandoned by Odin and takes up a position on the first floor. They immediately spy enemy infantry and start using 7.62mm like its going out of fashion, the LMG gunner enjoying his work.

North-east corner, Baldr spots more infantry and opens up again.

They are already low on ammo, 300-odd rounds of 5.56mm between four men is really not very much. A supply run to the nearest APC is in order.

Wiesel gets in on the action, as enemy fire slices past, the gunner ducks inside and opens up on general principles.

Odin takes up a position on the south-west corner of the defences, looking out over the hilltop orchard, and hopes not to get hit with another RPG.

Situation overall, not bad, but it’s very early days yet.

I only have four more Milan rounds, and after that it’s AT rockets and harsh language at close range.


I admire your work ethic.



Thor rectifies their reputation, killing the ZSU, and getting eyes on another tank before losing it in the trees.

One missile left.

Baldr withdraws to re-up ammo, and the 2IC squad, Heimdallr, slots into their position and lights up the enemy infantry.

A tank, manoeuvring for a better position, promotes himself to Major Dickhead as he rolls over Johnny Minefield.


Wiesel begins a mad minute of suppressive fire, spraying more than 100 20mm HE rounds into the building and around the lip of the hill, causing casualties amongst the oncoming infantry.

And yet still they come. A good platoon’s worth gets amongst the trees.


Loki gets back into position, sets up, and promptly kills a tank.

All missiles expended, they set about treating their casualty.

Thor can’t see any worthwhile targets and passes the time shitposting jihadi videos to social media, in the vain hope that, should they be taken prisoner, their Twitter feed will convince their captors they’re just one of the boys.

Baldr loads up 1k rounds of 5.56 and debuses, back to the north-east corner.

At this rate, it will be Heimdallr’s turn to do the same thing soon, as they are constantly firing at glimpses of enemy infantry in the trees.

Wiesel’s gunner pops his head out for a good look and ducks back as MG fire rings off the armour.

At least it stops small arms fire.

And to the south-east, just coming up the hill, a fresh set of sound contacts, which appear to be IFVs or tanks.

Oh, shit. They’re on the wrong side of the hill for the Milan teams to engage, and I only have one missile left anyway.

Someone spots what appears to be an enemy MG team at the southern base of the hill, running away.

Little early for that, chaps.



Odin spots a machine gunner up on the balcony of the building at the south end of the hilltop and engages.

Wiesel shifts to the left, moving to cover the east flank, and hopefully engage those new armour contacts when they come into view. 20mm APDS is good enough via IFVs and may even suffice against tanks if I’m lucky, the problem is will it kill them before they get off a shot in reply, since any kind of hit will kill Wiesel. No pressure, chaps.

Heimdallr is down to a hundred rounds, which is like…less than a magazine each. They pull out, and the company HQ, Tyr, moves into their position and starts brassing the enemy up.

About half of my squads, those with AT launchers, are in hiding, prone in buildings and waiting for tanks or IFVs to roll into close range. The hill is roughly oval, so the south end of the hilltop is some hundreds of metres away, but the east and west edges of the hilltop are quite close, so any armour rolling up is going to be within practical engagement range immediately. Swapping shots with tanks at 400m doesn’t make any sense, but letting them have a surprise rocket up the chuff at 50-100m is a lot less risky, as long as the tank doesn’t survive and give you a 115mm HE facial.

And an IFV rolls up on my east flank. And a tank. And another tank. And another tank. And another IFV. And another IFV.


Wiesel engages one IFV and kills it, then loses visual in the dust and smoke, then engages a tank and doesn’t penetrate, and loses visual again, which I am grateful for. But all that dust kicked up by treads isn’t going to last, and Wiesel is going to have to retreat before it settles and it becomes a matter of 20mm vs 115mm.

Muninn, on the south-east corner of my position, is exquisitely exposed to the new attacking force, and a burst of MG fire kills the spotter.

Baldr, in their supporting position just behind the north-east corner, spots some infantry debusing from an IFV and gives them the good news.

Signals HQ, Bragi, hiding and covering the east flank, spot a tank that rocks to a halt 40m from their position.

It might be time to see if those AT rockets can do the job.


Wiesel withdraws, parting shots bouncing off tank armour to no appreciable effect.

Bragi skelps a rocket right into the tank, and it sits still for 30 seconds before the hatches pop and the crew bails

Bragi has one rocket left. My forces have 16 in total.

A 2IC team on the west flank, Frigg, changes position, moving to a more central building, spots a tank to the east, and engages with their AT launcher.

They miss. Two rockets left. 15 in total.

A pioneer team changes orientation, peering out to the west, and lets an IFV have a rocket.

The IFV starts burning immediately. Two rockets remaining in that team. 14 in total.

Muninn is eliminated by a 115mm HE tank shell.

Huginn, sniping steadily from the south-west tower, peers out at the new attackers, and a tank hoses them down with MG fire, killing the sniper.

In an effort to take some of the pressure off the north-east corner, the supporting APC rolls up next to Tyr and begins constant suppressive fire on the likely enemy position.

It can’t actually see any enemy, but it has a 7.62mm MG and 2k rounds in the feed.

Remember Major Dickhead, The Tank Who Rolled Over A Mine? It’s still alive.

Mobility killed, but still in action, it keyholed a shot on a vehicle in the castle courtyard (thankfully unoccupied). That’s no great loss, but it is something extra to worry about. Unless I can get Thor into position to get a shot at it, it can stand off and shell my position to pieces as my squads reveal themselves to deal with closer threats.

The other pioneer team, Magni, slows the approaching infantry in the southern orchard with small arms fire.

They’re within a hundred metres now.


I <3 everything about this.



Tyr, Baldr, and Heimdallr get into the same building and go into all-round defence, taking on infantry in the woods to the north and north-east, and fresh arrivals from the IFVs to the east and south-east.

The supporting APC on the west rolls forward, MG churning away at the treeline, pops smoke, and reverses, still firing. Hopefully that will buy time for the Gbj squad to get themselves together, and Vali in the tower behind them keeps up the cover fire.

Enemy infantry seek to take advantage of the smoke screen and move up, only to be rebuffed by MG fire killing one as he jumps the wall.

Frigg-Waste-A-Rocket tries again.

One less tank to worry about. One less rocket, too. 13 left.

Modi decides to ignore the closer vehicles, and instead try to hit Major Dickhead. This is a shot of about 300m, between some trees.

Both rounds hit trees. That is two rockets wasted. 11 left.

The sole remaining mobile tank cruises across my southern perimeter, spraying buildings with MG fire.


Air support is now available in the form of a Tornado, carrying two Maverick ATGMs and two 227kg bombs. Mjolnir, the forward air controller, lights up the sole IFV with the laser designator.

ETA 6 minutes.

Lodurr, a Gbj unit on the southern perimeter, gets the delightful task of engaging a tank at 13m range.

The vehicle HQ squad, Mani, sprints out of the gatehouse, into the castle itself, and along the castle walls, to help cover the north-west corner. Hopefully their fire, combined with that of Vali and the APC, will stop the half-strength Gbj unit from being overrun.

Ah, no, actually, after several seconds of successful firing, an RPG takes out three of them. Balls.

Thor gets into position, and prepares to annihilate Major Dickhead.

Correction: Thor completely ignores my targeting order, and takes out the tank right in front of Lodurr. Fine.

What looks like a fresh platoon of IFVs and accompanying infantry coming in from the south.

Now I’m in trouble.



The last enemy IFV from the eastern thrust rounds the corner of my position and starts nosing in from the south.

I cancel the airstrike, it’s too close now for a bomb going astray. I’ll kill it via AT rocket, and re-task the Tornado to take out anything in the orchards to the south.

Two rockets, actually, but it’s dead now.

The Huginn spotter finishes treating his wounded comrade, picks up the sniper’s .50 calibre, and moves to the window.

He makes the most of it, putting a round into the nearest IFV, and potting one of the soldiers that comes tumbling out of the troop hatch.

The southern orchard quickly becomes a vehicle park, as numerous IFVs, two ZSUs, and at least one tank cruise freely up the slopes, onto the hilltop and through the trees.

I think I have perhaps 6 AT rockets left at this point, as squads have been a little keener about firing them then I thought. Aside from those, I have very little to combat armour with.

Speaking of which, Wiesel gets back into the fray, nipping out from behind a building, taking up position in front of the castle, and ignoring other targets for a chance at Major Dickhead.

A hit, a palpable hit. Whether it’s a kill or not I don’t know, Wiesel has to move anyway and find another angle on a different target.


Mjolnir lines up a fresh airstrike, a wide swathe of the hilltop designated as the, dare I say it, danger zone.

I hope those ZSUs don’t bring the Tornado down before he unloads his ordnance.

Huginn continues his rampage, putting another .50 calibre hole in an IFV, and sending infantry scurrying for cover, before return fire wounds him and sends him running to the base of the castle tower.

Wiesel zips across to the other side of the central position and eyes the lanes of the orchard. Infantry are coming straight towards him, and he lets rip.

It’s not killing IFVs, but it’s something. Then ZSU fire tears through the nearby building.

Magni, at the forefront of the southern defensive line, loses two of its three men instantly.

Mani, up on the castle walls, starts treating the pile of his comrades taken out by RPG fire. Tis the season!

Overall, there’s a lot of enemies that have just rocked up.



Thor probably has the best overall view of the southern orchard. All told, there seems to be a single tank, two ZSUs, and five IFVs. That’s at a minimum.

Wiesel lays down some suppressive fire.

A little bit speculative, but it works out, carving up some infantry and punching holes in two IFVs that hastily move off.

Some unsporting chap has dropped smoke rounds on my position.

Now I definitely can’t keep them back. This might be time to retreat a little, although letting them get a foothold in the buildings sounds like a terrible idea.

Bragi legs it for the castle courtyard, loads up into the remaining APC, and rumbles round to the west side, supporting the weakest part of the defence.

En route they bomb up with another 500 rounds of 5.56, preparing to pile out, take up a position on the perimeter, treat the casualties and evacuate the remains of the Gbj squad.

As Method Man said “Aw yeah, muthafuckin’ reinforcements.”

A platoon of APCs, complete with a Gbj platoon and HMG. Nice.

Even better, a platoon of Marder IFVs, rocking 20mm autocannons and Milan AT missiles, with a platoon of Panzergrenadiers on board, plus a sniper section. Be still my thumping erection.

Now all I need to do is decide what I’m going to do with them.


Disappointed you didn’t just keep doing this right through Christmas.


I needed some drinking time.


Okay, so the APCs and Marders start north-west of the castle. The APCs are going to steam around to the northern base of the hill, and the infantry are going to jump out there, and make their way up the slope to the castle on foot, clearing the woods as they go.

The Marders are going to stagger their advance, alternating their movement between top speed and careful hunting, with different Marders moving at different times, and different movement types when they are moving. I want them to spot enemy armour first and get rounds down ASAP, and I want any contact to have more than one Marder engaging it within seconds. The Marders have 6 Milan missiles each, so that’s plenty to stand off and take the Syrian armour force apart. Depending on how it develops, the infantry can jump out if it turns into an armour duel, or stay on board if the Marders have an easy ride.

Bragi debuses and runs into the building on the north-west corner.

As soon as the casualties are treated, the Gbj squad there can get into the APC and leave. Bragi can hold there and wait for the new Gbj platoon to make their way up the hill and link up with the main defensive position.

Syrian infantry start to gather behind the wall to the south-east, just across the road.

Under covering fire from the IFVs, there’s little I can do about that. Their next step is likely to be a rush to the nearest building, currently only occupied by the bodies of the Muninn sniper team, and once there they’ll be in a good position to push me either off the hill or back into the castle itself, both lead to defeat, via losing the objective or holding it but being shelled to pieces.

Huh, look at that, my mortar fire support just called in. Be rude not to.


The APCs roll up and the fresh Gbj platoon hit the dirt and run into the woods.

An APC is engaged from on high.

Splashed by RPG dirt, the APC remains unfazed, returns fire, and the platoon HQ flushes some Syrians out of cover. As they scramble uphill, one enemy is cut apart by fire from the APC and platoon HQ.

The Marders’ progress goes well, with Marder 2 spotting a tank early on.

Braking to a halt, 20mm APDS is applied, found ineffective, and a Milan is launched and proves effective. Marder 3 grinds to a halt, sees an IFV on the hill near the tank, and engages it with 20mm, and a Milan that fails to arm and ploughs into the ground early. The IFV brews up regardless as Marder 1 joins in with more 20mm. Marders 2 and 3 drop smoke and reverse away as a precaution.

Frigg uses their last rocket on a corker of a shot.

IFV killed at approximately 300m.

Several Syrian infantry squads sprint out of the orchard to take cover behind the perimeter wall on the south-west side.

Not all of them make it.

Mjolnir is busy guiding the Tornado in, so I don’t have anyone who can get the mortar strike on target in a timely fashion (9 minutes was the best the closest squad could do, which is hopeless), so Wiesel moves.

He laces the south-east wall where Syrian troops are gathering to good effect. Less than 100 rounds of HE remaining.

Gbj squad on the south-east corner gets hit with more HE from an IFV.

Three men down, one left. Heimdallr moves to a nearby building to get more eyes on and fire down on that wall.

In the north-east corner, Tyr and Baldr are literally shooting enemies as they vault the perimeter wall.

At 20m range, the firefight is sharp and intense but I’ve taken no casualties yet, which is something of a miracle.

As the NW Gbj squad treats their last casualty, Vali leaves the tower and provides additional security, mounting the nearby APC and getting on the MG. They also take the opportunity to bomb up with more 5.56 and 7.62.

The Tornado is 30 seconds out.


The Gbj platoon HQ, Freyr, has barely entered the woods at the base of the hill when it engages the RPG team that missed their APC, and bumps more enemy infantry on the slope above.

A following Gbj squad contacts the same enemy unit and loses a machine gunner in a brief exchange of fire. Apart from occasional gaps, LOS here is very short. This is what it looks like at ground level.

And this is what it looks like with the tree graphics switched off (LOS remains unchanged for units, it just makes navigation easier).

Vali, freshly ammoed, jumps out of the APC and joins Bagi in the NW corner building, running up to the first floor and hopefully spotting some Syrians fleeing uphill, away from Freyr platoon.

The Marders forge onwards, spotting nothing but some infantry on the hilltop, which they chastise with 20mm HE.

On the SW corner, multiple squads target Syrian infantry hunkered down just on the opposite side of the perimeter wall. It doesn’t go all my way, as a ZSU gets involved.

I’m going to have to get Wiesel to destroy that section of wall.

Tornado just Mavericked a KO’d IFV. Fuck my luck.

The ZSUs go nuts, guns to maximum elevation, and pour fire into the sky.


Oh now I get all the fire support. Heimdallr calls it in, linear target, 155mm HE fire, ASAP. That will drop rounds along the length of the SE wall.

ETA 8 minutes. Come on, nothing takes 8 minutes.

Odin gets in on the action, requesting 120mm mortar fire.

ETA 6 minutes. That’s not much better.

Marder 4 is going to lead the platoon up to the top of the hill, speeding up the slope before angling around a copse of trees on the hunt for targets.

Hopefully some quick Milan kills will ensue, and the Panzergrenadier platoon can jump off directly into my position. Marders 2 and 3 are hanging back, providing cover.

The sole surviving Mani squad member comes down off the walls and jumps in the nearest Wolf, joined by another lone Gbj squad member, who climbs in and mans the MG.

Fenrir has 3,000 7.62mm rounds to use.

The Freyr platoon APC reverses, firing as it goes, and lets the MG team debus and set up on the roof of a small building to the north of the hill. From there, the MG should be able to provide at least a little fire support to the platoon clearing the woods.

Marder 4 gets into position and lights up some infantry.

It will be handy if he can just sit there and keep the enemy troops back with 20mm HE.


The NE corner is quiet. Tyr and Baldr are getting low on ammo, and are thankful for the break.

The ground inside and outside the wall is littered with bodies, and more are dotted amongst the trees. Presumably any troops left alive don’t have any fight left in them.

The Tornado must have picked off some other vehicles, as there only seems to be a couple of IFVs, the two ZSUs, and Major Dickhead left.

Mjolnir calls in a new air support tasking, encompassing the current location of the IFVs and ZSUs.

No sooner do Bragi and the Gbj survivors leave the NW corner, than Vali gets RPG’d.

I’m sensing a trend here.

A very ambitious Syrian soldier makes it inside the perimeter, rounds the corner of a building, and Magni cuts him in half with 5.56.

An RPG or IFV targets Magni as a result and takes one of them out.

I send Marder 3 on a bit of a risky run. Squeaky bum time.

Rounding the southern end of the hill, he spots a ZSU, kills it, and spots an IFV, and kills that too. Worked out nicely, so far.


Marder 3 guts that IFV as the PG squad disembarks, filleting it with 20mm until it begins to burn, then turns on a troop truck and sets it alight with a short burst.

The Panzergrenadier squad disembarks and takes up position on a nearby roof, covering the south-west corner of the hill. They have several AT rockets ready, should the Marder need help.

Wiesel has another crack at Major Dickhead.

Like all the best weekends, some hits, and even some penetrations, but no kills. He reverses into the safety of the castle courtyard.

Fenrir rolls up just outside the castle and pours 7.62mm on the SE wall.

Marder 1 reaches the west side of the castle. The Panzergrenadier HQ and sniper team jump out and hit the ground running, in perfect time to help rebuff another Syrian attempt on the NW building.

PGHQ moves on to the NW building, and the sniper team head up the tower.


Freyr HQ, still pushing up the north slope, swaps some bullets at extremely close range, as a Syrian squad holed up at the very top of the slope pops up. Trees turned off.

A squad member gets wounded by a grenade, but the rest of the platoon carries on, one squad splitting into an assault team and exhausting themselves running uphill, while the machine gunners hook around to the right, headed for the edge of the treeline, to sweep along it. Another squad hangs back, sending forward a pair of scouts. The third squad stalks forward and bumps another enemy, losing a man in the killing.

Why did I think this bit would be easy.

Marders 2 and 4 move from just west of my position to the SW corner, hunting for targets.

Marder 1 moves directly into the centre of my position, on a different task entirely.

Thor decides to get back in on the action. They mount up, man the Wolf’s MG, and race for the base of the hill.

An enemy IFV surges forward, grinding through the gap in the SW wall.


The Freyr MG team, stalking along the treeline, take a prisoner, and as they move up to him, another enemy pops up. Trees off for visibility.

Snap shots take him down.

Marder 2 and 4 go on a shooting spree, lighting up infantry hiding behind an orchard wall, infantry in the orchard itself, and a charging ZSU.

Mortar rounds begin to fall.

Wiesel chips in on the ZSU.

The IFV that roared forward last turn accelerates back south across the hill and out of sight.

Wonder what scared him off.


The last of my reinforcements, but not the least.

A pair of Leopard MBTs.

Marder 3 rounds the hill, and starts off up the south slope, coming up directly behind the main body of the enemy.

Enemy small arms fire wounds the Marder commander, but the gunner lights up several trucks regardless. With the vehicle commander down, awareness will be reduced, and the Marder will be less likely to spot targets. Good thing Thor and Loki are not far behind.

The Freyr APCs park near the north woods, and start emptying hundreds of rounds into it in overlapping fields of fire, carving through the trees ahead of the platoon. There are still some enemy remnants here, and my troops keep glimpsing them. Trees off for visibility.

The APCs can’t see much of where they’re shooting, but that doesn’t matter. The bullets will work regardless. Most of the platoon is tired, having travelled up a steep, thickly wooded slope, and pause to catch a breath. The pair of scouts press on.

Some cad fires an RPG at Fenrir.

It impacts a tree in front of him. Hint well and truly dropped.

Huginn moves up into the castle’s SW tower, and scopes out the area. He spots the RPG team firing at Fenrir.

Huginn misses the shot, but he has plenty of time.

Marder 1 edges into position. This took careful angling, but he has a shot on Major Dickhead.

Despite using 80 APDS 20mm rounds, only one penetrates with a lucky ricochet, and doesn’t manage to kill. I suspect Milan isn’t an option because of the trees in the way.

An IFV comes through the orchard, straight at Marder 2. “Oh no.” the gunner deadpans. “He’s coming right for us.”

20mm fire riddles the IFV, with Marder 1 joining in from the flank.

Overall it’s looking a lot better. I have the upper hand now, barring further Syrian forces arriving. The Marders have the hilltop under control, Marder 3 is a little isolated and now more vulnerable with their commander taken out, but a bit more caution should preserve him. Freyr platoon has the woods in hand, it’s just going to take a while to sweep them clear. I have squads shifting to take care of casualties. More artillery fire should be arriving soon and that will remove the need to clear the orchard with troops. I’m hoping the Marders will be able to take care of Major Dickhead; a Milan is up to the task, but it’s finding a good firing position that is also outside of the 400m minimum range. One of the Leopards might have to do it. 120mm is a good problem solver.


The first 155mm artillery round arrives, and it’s pretty much spot on.

A little bit late, mind you, but if there are any infantry still huddled behind what’s left of that wall, they are fucked.

Thor and Loki, mounted up and MGs ready, slot in and provide rear and flank security for Marder 3 as it labours up the hill’s southern slope. Thor gives a fleeing truck a little tickle of 7.62mm.

As long as all they have to fight is fleeing infantry, they should be okay.

Leopold the Leopard tank comes up the western slope of the hill, flanking Marder 2.


Leopold rolls up onto the hilltop, nicely aligned with the rows of the orchard, and spots a certain immobilised tank.

Major Dickhead is KO’d and burning. Leopold scatters some infantry with desultory MG fire, then swings to aim at an IFV that has edged into view.

That artillery is really coming down now. Some of the 155s are a little too close, but it’s all falling outside the perimeter so far.

The 120s are splashing all over the orchard, which is super.

Two squads shift from the SW buildings to see to the casualties on the southern perimeter.

Muninn’s sniper team and Magni’s pioneer squad were both taken out, but need medical care ASAP now the fighting is dying down.

NW now secured, Freyr platoon HQ loads back up into Marder 1 in preparation to move.

The east flank of the hill could probably use a wipe clean…

Tyr on the NE corner radios in. “I think we killed them all.” Gunfire answers him from the trees. “No, wait, one more.”

All is quiet again.


Loeb uses a 120mm HEAT shell to kill a truck.

Slight case of overkill.

Loki and Marder 3 shoot up some fleeing infantry.


As Loeb nears the top of the southern slope, a 120 lands next to him.

The commander takes the hint and buttons up.

And that’s all she wrote.

The final disposition of forces.

The Syrians have taken a bit of a shoeing. They barely have any squads left above 50% strength, and every single vehicle has been killed.

Not a bad day’s work. The forces left in the northern woods are a couple of HQ squads at nearly full strength who obviously spent the whole battle telling their chaps to jolly well run up that hill and hit the enemy for six, and a bunch of those same chaps of whom less than 10% have survived. Trees off.

The NE end of the woods are where the most bodies are, but also the most survivors. A good portion of the other enemy units on the map are bailed-out vehicle crews, or weapons teams down to one or two members. The orchard is a wrecking yard, with bodies strewn amongst the trees.

MVP probably goes to Wiesel, because HE-firing autocannons, like grenade machine guns, are capable of comedic levels of suppressive fire, it’s uncomfortably like bullying.

Having started with 600 HE rounds and managing to use all but 20 of them, killing two BMP IFVs and a ZSU, causing 23 casualties and suppressing many many more, including services to wall destruction, and surviving despite little armour to speak of.


and Thor

have a little pissing contest to see who fared better. Loki edges it, with two tanks and a BMP, to Thor’s one ZSU, one BMP, and one truck.