[CLOSED] Stately Players' Awesome Shards of Infinity Tournament


Okay, I’ll host an event — SoI is a perfect tournament game, and I’m itching to play more, anyway.

Consider this thread your sign-up sheet. Just post here with in-game email. Let’s take sign-ups through Friday afternoon (Pacific time).

The format will depend on the final number of players, but I strongly suspect we’ll open with a group stage (likely play each of your opponents twice), then follow it up with elimination rounds that are best 2-of-3.

I know the game can handle up to four players, but let’s keep it simple for our first tournament — two-player games only.

I’ll start us off …

Shards of Infinity ready for polishing

… ritenhouse [at symbol] me [dot] com


michael [dot] j [dot] geiger [at] gmail


mhatke gmail


jane dot hatke at gmail dot com




I just started a bunch of practice games … that means, you @Pitta, @js619, @whovian223, @kennfusion, @Jules, Evil Goose, @geigerm. @KYakerDude.


I actually decided to not buy the game, so won’t be joining you.




Jason1003 at hot male dot com


Jhschaer at iCloud dot com


srconley at the google mail.


johnlongo13 gmail


I’m whovian223@gmail.com on there.

Looking forward to it!


matthias [at] buehner - hsk [dot] de


pittag followed by gmail.


ablackfyre1 gmail
Looking foreword to it.


janmauri [at] web [dot] de


arne[dot]mauri [at] gmx [dot]de


rob at thomasson dot com

EvilGoose my foot🦶