Board Game Humble Bundle deal


Looked for a thread to add this to, but there didn’t seem to be one about the Bundles, so…

There is a pretty nice boardgame deal on right now (

$1 Tier:
Ticket to Ride First Journey - PC and Mac
Gloom - PC and Mac
Lover Letter - PC and Mac
Twilight Struggle - PC and Mac

Beat the Average Tier: around $8 something now
Pandemic - PC and Mac
Carcassonne Tiles and Tactics - PC
Carcassonne Inns and Cathetrals DLC - PC
Ascension - PC and Mac
Mysterium, Mysterium Hidden Signs DLC and Mysterium Secrets & Lies DLC - PC

$12 Tier:
Scythe - PC
Pathfinder Adventures: Obsidian Edition - PC and Mac

I poked around to try to find out whether you get the expansions with Ascension, and the posters at BGG seem to think you DO. I’m currently updating my Steam, so I can’t verify this personally yet. EDIT: I have now verified this. Expansions-apalooza.

And, while I’m at it, people on reddit insist that you get some dlc content with that version of Pathfinder, which can then transfer for free to the ios version (assuming you link accounts in some way–I’ve never done this).

It seems like a pretty good deal for $12? And there’s a slider thing before you check out that allows you to send the money to charity rather than to overlords Asmodee as well : )