profile IDs for Diablo 4 et al

Figured a list of IDs for the sake of Diablo 4 might be nice.

I’m Jonathan#1502

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I figured I’d move the Diablo discussion over here to not clog up the other thread.

I’m curious about your switch from WW to bleeding barb. I get that the point of bleeding is damage over time and I can see how it would be useful against single targets but wow, does it slow down most of my combat. Granted, I’m only level 30, but frenzy+WW melts mobs about 10 times faster than rend and bleeding. You still think it’s the better build?

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At the end game/post campaign completion- I’m 54 rn and the rend build slays both singles and groups. I agree for leveling WW or hammer of the ancients is probably a better build.

I can’t lie, I rely on icy-veins for a ton of info. Finding time to play is enough, I don’t need to min/max builds on my own too lol.

At the higher levels I found WW build wasn’t doing enough damage, especially to bosses / elites.

Yeah, I’m staying off Diablo sites completely and have no interest in min/maxing. Some casual chat here is fine by me, though.

I’ve found icy-veins to be subpar for D4. They’ve been good in the past, but maybe that’s because I’ve used them after the games have been out for longer. My frost sorcerer can slice through nightmare dungeons solo almost 10 levels higher than her level. I believe this is mainly due to a combination of 3 items. The 2 uniques I use are both discounted by icy-veins as not worthwhile and the legendary aspect that has the biggest impact doesn’t even register on their list of options to consider. has been much better for leveling a few of the other classes that I have played, but they also weren’t on target with what they published for the different betas.

Ooo interesting! I’ll have to check out that other site and see how they compare. I’m much lower level than you rn - still impressed at your performance at The Curator the other day. I’m enjoying the build for now, will have to see how it develops…