Bad North heading to the small screen

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  • iOS, Android, PC/Mac, Xbox

The viking-themed real-time roguelite, Bad North, has been around for a bit now, having released on Switch way back in August of 2018. I’ve purchased the game on both Switch and PC and have yet to play it. I don’t know why. It looks amazing (hence the multiple purchases) but it just hasn’t been able to push aside whatever other game I’ve been sinking my time into. (This isn’t Bad North’s fault. Those other games are Slay the Spire and Factorio, so…)

Now, however, I feel confident that I’ll finally give this gem the time it deserves because it can now fit in my pocket. Bad North arrives on iOS/Android on October 15.

The goal of Bad North is to save your island from hordes of invading vikings. This is done in real time, but isn’t a twitch game. Instead, you tell your troops where to go and where to engage the encroaching enemy and then let your little followers take care of business on their own.

Position and relocate your troops to fend off the Vikings, who each have their own counters to the threats you pose. Pick your battles and plan your evacuations carefully! Lose a commander and they’re gone forever; lose everything, and it’s game over!

You command the broad strokes of your defenses and monitor positioning — your soldiers do the rest, navigating and engaging intuitively in response to the situation at hand.

Each island is both stylistically charming and unique in its layout. Plan your strategies around every nook and cranny, for you only get one chance to save them from the enemy invasion.

Bad North will be available on both iOS/Android on October 15.


It’s up for pre-order on iOS. $4.99 USD/$6.99 CAD.