Automatic iOS log-in disabled?

since some time the auto-log-in sequence by iOS saved-password-feature doesn’t work any more.
something must have changed :man_shrugging:

Are you referring to this site? I am not having any difficulties.

I must say, though, I seem to be logged-in forever. I can’t remember the last time I had to login for this website, maybe the last time I bought a new mobile device….which is great btw

Security measures on other websites are ridiculous, you seem to be max logged in for two or three days, then you’re logged out again. And logging in requires some academic degree (and a good portion of patience) : a 11 digit password with all attributes (big and small letters, numbers, special characters) a CATPCHA, a two factor authentication over mobile, sometimes even an automated call (at least my bank does this)

So, you are automatically logged out on this site every time?

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no, i’m not logged out automatically.
only when i have logged out manually the next log-in doesn’t function by iOS saved-password-function like it does for other websites.
and only since some time. it had functioned for years before :man_shrugging: