Asmodee heads back to the Talisman well for Talisman: Origins


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  • iOS, Android, PC/Mac

It’s been a busy week+ for the folks at Asmodee Digital. It started with the reveal of the first four classes of the upcoming Gloomhaven port and continued with the, now closed, opening of the Terraforming Mars mobile beta. The thing is, we’ve known about both of those titles and their digital ports for months now. What we didn’t know anything about (and, neither, does Asmodee as there’s no mention of it anywhere on their site) was a game that actually released yesterday, Talisman: Origins. Yes, it’s more Talisman, but not quite in the way you’re thinking.

The biggest difference between Talisman: Digital Edition and Talisman: Origins is that Origins gives you no reason to bemoan the lack of asynchronous multiplayer. Origins is purely a solo adventure. Remember Talisman Prologue which released back when this whole mobile board game thing was just getting started? Well, this new Talisman thingee sure sounds a hell of a lot just like it.

First of all, it’s developed by Nomad Games who made both Prologue and the ever-expanding (more on this in a bit) Talimsan: Digital Edition. Secondly, it uses the Talisman rules to run you through 20 quests based on Talisman lore. We have the story behind how the Crown of Command was forged, the Ifrit War, and Rise of the Guilds. What are all those things? No clue. I’ve played a ton of Talisman and I only recognize the Crown one. Anyway, Origins promises to be a full-blown Talisman history lesson wrapped in four campaigns, 20 quests, and over 100 different challenges.

All-in-all, it sounds like a fun romp if you’re looking for some board game flair in your next solo game. It’s out right now for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. I actually can’t find a link on the App Store right now, so I’m guessing it’s still percolating in the Apple review process, but the Google Play and Steam links are down below.

Before we leave, we should touch upon another Asmodee offering that arrived alongside Talisman: Origins. That would be Talisman: The Ancient Beasts which is, you guessed it, yet another expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition. This one adds 2 new characters (one of which is “The Specialist” which sounds to me like they’re running out of new characters), 15 “Beast” cards, 13 Terrain cards, new rewards and, of course, more alternate endings.

The Ancient Beasts expansion is live right now on all platforms. Links to Talisman: Digital Edition right down below as well.


I think I actually liked Prologue more, though I admittedly played it more. I wanted to try Talisman some more. It it really irks me how they’ve required that I buy it again for the. OST current version. Grrr…

I may take a look at this one at some point.