Ascension: Delirium is out


Ascension never really clicked to me in the past, but Shards of infinity (and its lack of expansion … coming soon) brought me back to Ascension. And what must I realize: its great ^^
Today the latest expansion “Delirium” was delivered.


Always up for a game! JS619 there too


Shall we do a game of this and stop one of our older ones after it’s over?


You have to update and link your account to your Asmodee account before you show up on my friends list to invite you

Same goes for anybody else who would like to play, I’m up for a game!


My Asmodee-Account is Feygor70, I added you both and invited you.


Weird, did that last night. Lemme look in a bit

Edit: invite sent


They took my least favourite Ascension Expansion mechanic (Dreamscape from said Expansion) and expanded on it…not impressed, at all! -.-


Interested in playing: KYakerDude


The whole dream thing isn’t my favorite, either. Especially since a few of the dream cards are so horrifically unbalanced; there’s at least one that’s an I-WIN button.

Has an Ascension card ever been adjusted? I can’t recall one being changed, unless it was to clear up any keyword confusion. The vast majority of the cards are fine, but there’s a handful that need a cost increase.


Sage of Lucid Dreams was removed from Realms Unraveled for the digital version.

It was replaced with Oziah’s Familiar.


Really enjoying this one so far; finished a game of it this morning with @Feygor. Still have yet to discover all of the cards, obv, but was thinking that combining it with the Dreamscape one might make for some interesting decisions vis a vis spend your insight (I think that’s what the orange stuff is called) or save it for bidding, using on cards, etc… Not sure if that would dilute the deck too much?


Delirium is specifically designed to be played with Dreamscape. Same goes for the next set, Deliverance.


I’m the same as you regarding the decisions if you add Dreamscape.

I found myself, in my first couple of games against the AI, holding it back for some reason and I had to stop myself from doing that.

There’s no need to save up 10 Insight! LOL


Let’s throw it into our next dreamscape match and see how it plays! (I may have already done this but I don’t remember… )




Not Delerium related, but does anyone know if the Skulls & Shackles set will ever come to iOS? Just reading a description sounds like it really changes things up a bit in a quite entertaining way.