Are the forums still working?

This is basically a test message to see if I got the forums back up and running.

Oh…and I guess it’s basically also a good time for me to say “Hi”. It’s been too long…



FUCK YOU, Discourse. You’ve sassed me for the last time.


Woohoo! Well done!

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Nicely done @Neumannium and welcome back!

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Narrator: and yet, it wouldn’t be the last time…




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Oh, and just in case you miss it on Discord @Neumannium the forums do not appear to work on Safari… at least not for me… (I’m here on Chrome)

Edit: started working on Safari (Mac and iOS) a little while after this post. Huzzah!


If nothing else, we did get most people to at least check into the Discord for any future potential emergency downtime.


I’ll on mobile Safari on iOS and they’re ok fwiw

Likewise. It didn’t play this morning but is now working.

@kennfusion - yep, it was a good test of the discord lifeboat in case of any future technical icebergs.

What is the discord subject? During the last two days, I searched “stately play” there and was told there were no results : ( I began to question my sanity. More than usual, I mean. I assumed I’d never see any of you again and was bereft. I’d started making an alter. On the front lawn.

Also, thanks Dave!

Also, seriously, what is the discord?

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@biffpow (and anyone else who’s interested), here’s an invite link to the SP Discord:

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Yeah, had another day or so gone by, one of us would have started spam inviting you to games with chat in them, we would have got to you one way or another.


Thanks for the invite — but it seems that Discord wants both my email address (okay…) and my cell phone number (… not bloody likely).

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Is that standard for Discord, or do I need to change something on our end to not require a phone number?

Think it’s in the settings of our Discord.

Think it’s for 2fa

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