Apple Watch Apps

I got a new Apple Watch yesterday. Anyone here also have one and find any apps particularly useful, entertaining, or otherwise interesting?

Got mine back towards the end of November - the always on display really sold me, although I still wish it were round. It’s definitely been a great motivator from the fitness side of things - I don’t think I’ve intentionally missed a workout since getting it!

As for apps… Authy is great on there if you use it, as is Nike Run Club and the Nike Training Center. The WaterMinder app is good for tracking fluid intake, if you care, and ecobee’s app is useful too if you don’t feel like screaming at Siri. The ability to use it as a remote to control Apple TV is the ultimate in laziness but so worth it, and Converse - a translation app - is very handy.

I think Threes! would be a great time waster on there, but alas, the gaming milieu is seriously lacking.

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Weird story. Last year I bought an Apple Watch and the next day I got sicker than I’ve ever been to the point where I was hospitalized. I obviously know there is no correlation, but every time I think of apple watches I am repulsed. It is like when you eat something and then get sick and never want that food again.

I returned my watch after a couple weeks because I didn’t care for it and I can’t imagine I’m going back.

Sorry for the completely unhelpful post.

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The only real entertaining one I used for awhile was the Apple Watch version of Rules! There’s only 4 squares, and twenty levels, but it is free to install if you already have the iOS version. If you don’t have the iOS version, then you benefit from the fun of playing that too!

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