Anybody for a game of Pax Porfiriana?

The site:

The game:

The essence: you’re a cutthroat son of a bitch in a time before the fall of Mexican president (dictator?) Porfirio Diaz, an hacendado who will stop at nothing to make sure your faction rises to the top after Diaz falls to the bottom. During the game you amass money and points in one or more of four possible successor regimes. Whatever regime prevails upon Diaz’s fall (signified by the purchase of a Topple card from the market), whoever has the most points (eh…more or less) in that regime wins.

A card game about the period just before the Mexican Revolution? In fact, yes, and it’s great. It’s got some fiddly bits, but it’s not too hard to figure out, and I am happy to provide explanations for any who want to try it out. I have played 24 games of it so far, so hopefully I at least have some idea of what I’m talking about, and if not I’m happy to look it up in the rulebook.

Up to 6 people can play. So…anybody up for it?