Annual Steam Play Sharing

Hello All!

Anyone else willing to share their annual steam play?

Starting with mine from 2023 -

I was surprised that Last Spell was top of my list and was such an intense “in-out” game. I clocked up 56hours, so I guess my annual steam play was 280 hours?

I didnt “finish” the last map, and kind of bounced off it.

Seems like a good way to share what we’ve been into. Easy to click on the game and go right to the store page.

I did play stuff on epic (like Old World) and on game pass (like Starfield and cities skylines 2)

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I also played a ton of Xbox, but clearly I’m mostly an iOS gamer. Wish BGA had a recap too.

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Wow, you steam activity dropped like a stone after winter!

Hahahahaha bet it coincides with my masters degree classes starting!

This year’s much more interesting than last year—thanks, Steam Deck:

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I really have to stop immediately scrolling to the hexagon of everyone, it is bad form to immediately lift the skirt and look at what’s under the hood… :wink:

Hmph! You got Pixel Graphics on the hexagon, while I haven’t…what does that tell about ME the PARAGON of ultimate pixel-graphics-fetishism?

Well…seeing my Nintendo Switch Activity I can see where all my pixels went in 2023.

Wasn’t last years categoized by hours not by %?
Well I can relate…the many guild-ridden heart attacks induced after seing the bazillion of hours spent on steam might have taken some people of steam permanently…all for valves bottom line eh? obfuscate the numbers, or else! :wink:


The only downtime I would have had from Steam games, would be on, so Diablo 4 and Hearthstone Battlegrounds, both I play a lot. There was some Gamepass play, but it is never that much.

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Were your peaks / troughs in path of exile with the seasons?

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Yeah, I do tend to play a lot the first few weeks of each PoE season. I was traveling for the current new season and only league started over this long weekend, so 2 weeks behind right now.

420 sessions? Lol. Your steam round up thinks you’re a stoner

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That what logging in daily for Horus Heresy Legions (Hearthstone but Warhammer 40k game) and juuuust updating stuff on the steamdeck will do to you ;-p

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