Among the Stars

Is the campaign working?

i just got an answer and was surprised to learn that obviously no one had taken care to report the “join bug” before :flushed:

quote from Cublo’s email:
“Thank you for the report. I wasn’t aware of that. I will check it and add it to our bug fixing list.
We’ve released 1st update with some bug fixes and option to continue campaign game as it is currently not possible. It is available on Android and Amazon and will be soon on iOS (when Apple approves it).
We are also working on the “skip AI move” functionality as this seem to be no 1 requested functionality. This should be available next week.”


148 Apps pulls no punches:

“This digital board game is a fine adaptation, provided you don’t want to play multiplayer.”

the reviewer doesn’t seem to know that registration for playing online is quite usual procedure. like for Playdek games too eg.
(btw an option to create a nickname instead of open email seems to have been installed in Android/Amazon update already.)

bringing on the same old woes about online games with strangers again is boring.
not a dedicated problem for AtS but for all online games when playing with strangers.

(exception: Brass. about 75% of my games with strangers were played through to the end. but Brass players are a very special bunch.)

when we will be able to set up private games this must not bother us.

Truly a strange complaint in the 148 review that you have to create an account for multiplayer. Has the reviewer never played an online game before?

I find it totally valid, actually. Account creation was never necessary when GameCenter was supported (or, in the old, old days, maybe something like OpenFeint). For years, GameCenter was your account. Buy game, start playing right away.

Again this is a subject for a more dedicated thread, but I have to add that it’s astonishing to me that online multiplayer was way better in 2012 than it is now.

On topic: I’m still going to buy it. They had me at “campaign.” I love that stuff.

While I agree completely with your thoughts on GameCenter, the fact is that nearly every game that’s come out in the last 5 years or so has a dedicated log in. I’m not merely referring to the niche board game market, either. Would this reviewer complain about a dedicated login for Hearthstone? Crash Royale? Arena of Valor?

It’s totally fair to complain about what Apple has done with GameCenter, but I feel like it is completely unfair to make a point in a review to bring up a game’s solution to the GC debacle as a negative.


I think the complaint was specifically that your account name IS your email address, for everyone to see. It just wasn’t worded very well in the review.

Developers aren’t supposed to use your GameCenter credentials with any online service that isn’t from Apple, but enforcement of that policy has been inconsistent.

i think the “open email thingy” has been addressed already in the update for Android and Amazon, and will be for iOS in next week’s update.

wow, that was fast. update just went live.
but the “join private games bug” not fixed yet, because the devs had not been alarmed on that one before yesterday and no private games in the beta.
will come asap, i’m sure.


i left my own game Stately II (pw: hope) and tried to re-join.
had always failed before.

now i could successfully join again.
so any interested player should retry too.

I’ve been able to do that from the start.

Strange that you can create a game but rather than delete it, you just leave it. That’s why most of the games in the lobby have 0/4 players.

yup, exactly. all those stranded 0/4 games…

btw Stately II has disappeared.
we will have to wait till next week’s bug fix update.

Based on what you quoted from the email, it was the ai turn skip for next week, not the iOS update.

well, the first iOS update is already out.

and Grzegorz said he will add the “can’t join private games” bug to their bug fixing list. i’m sure it will get top priority when he has checked it out.

so here is hope that we will get a fix together with AI turn skip :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

nearly zero activity in the lobby, and lots of open games.

i think when we would create an open game “only Stately” the danger of strangers joining will be very low.

should we just try?

Sure, start one up

ok, open game “only Stately” is waiting for entries.

I am in!

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I am in too!

so we have no problems with joining the open game, and are not overrun by strangers.

only problem seems a somewhat low interest here on SP :frowning:

@halfvoid, @js619, @Mirefox, @Strangiato, @Misguided? anyone?