All the news we missed last week (and maybe even before that)


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It’s been a crazy few months at Stately Play HQ. Work, family, and life in general have been putting up huge detour signs whenever I’d sit down to pen a poorly written screed about the latest Big Thing. You may have noticed. I’m on vacation this week (my kids are on spring break, which seemed as good of an excuse as any) so I’m hoping to have a little more time. I’m hoping this extra time stretches into the future even when I’m not sitting outside in 72 degree weather with a lovely ocean breeze to keep me cool. Work should be dying down a bit and the end of club volleyball is in sight. We’ll see, but I’m hoping for a more energetic front page in the coming weeks and months.

A lot of stuff in Gameland has been happening and, instead of forcing you to read one dreck filled post of mine after another, I thought I’d pile all the dreck into one easy-to-digest morsel. See what’s been happening after the break.

Handelabra Unleashes Oblivaeon on the Multiverse

  • iOS, Android, PC/Mac/Linux

When, then newcomer, Handelabra arrived on the scene in 2014 with Sentinels of the Multiverse, we immediately knew it was something special. Five years later, the journey comes to an end with Oblivaeon, the final expansion for SotM, and it’s a doozy.

Oblivaeon brings an end to the Multiverse not just in terms of content, but literally. It’s the end of the world and everything is run amok. Timelines are fractured, and reality itself is topsy-turvy. It’s so bad that we have villains joining the heroes to try and beat back the inevitable, and that’s just the beginning.

  • 5 Villains turned hero
  • 5 Environments to survive
  • Plus the worlds ending OblivAeon Event including:
    • Battle Zones
    • Aeon Men
    • 10 Deadly Scions to defeat
    • 25 Missions to accomplish
    • 3 Additional decks
    • The end of the Multiverse?

This is the Grand Poobah of all expansions and if you’re a fan of SotM at all, a no-brainer.

Acram bringing Istanbul to Switch

  • iOS, Android, PC/Mac/Linux, Switch

The huge Istanbul tournament that Acram Digital was nice enough to let Stately Play be a part of has just wrapped up and, while none of the Stately Play regulars were on the podium, we all received an award. Concurrent with the end of the tournament we learned that a Switch version of Istanbul is coming our way. When? This Thursday!

Yes, all the crazy pathing and sibling incarceration we know and love on our touchscreens is heading to the hottest platform in town [I usually make snarky comments about how much Dave sucks because he really does suck, but I thought I’d take this moment to let you know that Dave found his long lost Switch and is back on the Switch bandwagon. He probably should have told you, but he sucks. -ed.].

The Switch version will include new tile backgrounds as well as full cross-platform online multiplayer. How cool is that? It’s a rhetorical question because we all know that’s pretty cool. I look forward to sending your family members to prison on the 28th.

Forbidden Sciences Coming to XenoShyft

Not sure how much of this I should share, but I don’t remember signing an NDA with Asmodee Digital, so what the hell?

XenoShyft, otherwise known as “that really good game that I keep forgetting exists” is bound and determined to make sure I don’t forget by updating with new content every now and then. We got the mega Dreadmire expansion last year, and I just received information that the beta for the Forbidden Sciences expansion is underway.

What is Forbidden Sciences? Well, that’s a good question. There’s no mention of it on the CMON page for XenoShyft. From the BGG listing, it seems to add new cards to the Psychogenesis and Grafting Labs which were available as previous expansions. It also seems to require the Dreadmire expansion.

Complexity of purchasing be damned, I’ll buy it and play XenoShyft again which is always a good thing. Considering I just received the beta notification last week, I assume it will take a little time to iron out the bugs before Forbidden Sciences is released.


Oblivaeon is a jerk, but I’m determined to win. He’s destroyed the multiverse 3 times on me so far.


This is the best description of Istanbul I will ever read.


After trying to get in to Sentinels a dozen times, I have to come to the conclusion that the game was made for the small segment of our society that are math-loving masochists.

Expertly made app, though.


Congrats on finding your Switch, glad to hear it! :sunglasses:


Forgot how good XenoShyft is. Are the expacs any good? Still playing vanilla, 1 v 1


They add more stuff, and a lot of it is pretty interesting. I like them but they can esclate really fast.

I also need to play it more. I miss my time with it.


Dave, use this break as an opportunity to get away from -ed.

He’s just bringing you down. It’s an abusive relationship.


Dave, most certainly, does not suck.