Age of Rivals (why is there a 15 character minimum for thread titles)

It’s good, folks.

Picked it up in the Steam sale because I don’t have an iOS device running 10 or later, and it has always crashed on my phone. Pity it doesn’t have asynch, so we can’t have a tournament.

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I’ll never buy the “the game is quick so it doesn’t need asynchronous” argument. This game would be one of my most-played games with asynchronous.

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Yeah, it seems perfect for asynch, with no interrupt mechanics or anything. It is pretty fast, but that’s not any kind of excuse not to include it. Probably it’s just not that popular of a game mode, and they don’t want to put in the work. Oh, well.

Wow, the method for playing with friends is terrible.

Don’t know if anyone’s still playing this, but it was pretty popular around these parts in its day. Anyway, the dev recently posted:


As any game developer knows, it’s hard to keep software going forever as third party services come and go, platforms change their policies, and hardware keeps evolving. But my plan is to make sure Age of Rivals remains playable for as long as possible.

Recently, AoR’s data backend provider decided to discontinue their service. This is what was used to store user data online for cloud saves, user progression, some metagame features, etc… So I am releasing an update to remove the game’s dependency on them, but this means some changes for the game. AoR will no longer have online (cloud) accounts. Your data will now be stored on your device only. Some social features (alliances and leaderboards) have been removed.

But I don’t want players to have to worry about losing progress, so I also made changes to remove the game’s content progression. Now, all content (card packs, cards, rivals) will always be fully unlocked. Coins, quests, and campaigns will just be for fun.

Multiplayer games will continue to work as normal, since I use a different service for the game servers. Hopefully that won’t need to change anytime soon.

Finally, I am ending support for the Kongregate web version of the game (later in August). It isn’t easily feasible for me to keep it up without an online data backend service. But Android, iOS, and Steam (both Mac and Windows) will get the update and keep going.

Thank you for your continued support as I work to ensure that Age of Rivals will always be playable in some form.

Glad to see he’s keeping it alive. The game was great, though the lack of asynchronous multiplayer made it more short lived for me than it should have been.

Wasn’t there a clone/update of the game is soft launch out there somewhere?

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