After an epoch, Evolution has been released


I know it all comes down to money, but it does sadden me that this is something that you actually have to fight for though…


I might be naive, but can you “buy” the playdeck online package and weave it into your game? Buy/licence whatever?


If I remember correctly, Acrams port of Steam released without online multiplayer. I think there was a ‘coming soon’ type promise too. But then Acram actually delivered. That just about blew my socks off. Delivering in that kind of promise seems to be the exception rather than the rule sadly.

In other news, I played evolution at the table the other day and it played pretty well. I managed to out score the intelligent pack hunting carnivore player, which is handy because the table seemed to think that combo was a bit OP.


quite the contrary.
designer Dominik Crapuchettes was a very engaged and successful Ascension player in the early BGG tournaments.
so he knows very well how important online playability is and how well it can be done.

the less i can understand the Evolution debacle.


For what it’s worth, the developer responded to my review and said thy at they’ve got their asynchronous bugs worked out plan on beta testing it “on or before Dec. 6.”


and then i will instantly buy the 8 euro full-unlock IAP.
itm it’s just another promise.
good news nonetheless!


Well sure, yeah, we use two third party thingies for this, but they still need to be put into the game, innit.


Good point :slight_smile: