After an epoch, Evolution has been released


They’ve promised it, but there’s been no update on it. I’m not holding my breath…


i have a bad feeling about this.
please not another broken promise!


North Star Games sent out an e-mail survey sometime today or yesterday and interestingly it mentioned beta testing for pass-and-play and asynchronous play near the end.

The survey itself was slightly worrying because it was shaped in a way that made it sound like they were trying to come to grips with why the game isn’t doing as well as they hoped.


That was the exact gist I got from it too… I stressed the lack of async multiplayer in just about every response. The app is really well done otherwise and the game is a ton of fun, but sync games just don’t do well. Guess it’s hard to wrap your head around that when all the devs are sitting around the same table playing lol