Aeon's End releasing next week

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  • iPad, Android Tablet, PC/Mac/Linux

I’ll be the first to admit I have an unhealthy crush on the guys from Handelabra. I’ve met the crew and they’re all incredibly nice–which is great and all–but they also make some pretty kickass card game ports including one that still gets a load of play on my iPad, One Deck Dungeon. Their latest has been in Early Access for a bit now but is ready for prime time. Prepare yourself for Aeon’s End when it releases next Tuesday, September 17.

Much like most of Handelabra’s library, Aeon’s End is a cooperative card game that plays well solo (which is good because the game only supports solo play and local multiplayer…at least for now). You’re a group of mages protecting the city of Gravehold [sounds nice -ed.] from the encroachment of…The Nameless [oh, boy -ed.].

At its heart, it’s a deck builder, but there’s enough new stuff here to make even the most burned-out Ascension player take notice. For example there’s no shuffling. Instead, your card order is preserved from turn to turn, so you need to plan your discards in a way to set yourself up for a big turn down the road. There’s also no set turn order with a separate deck used to pick who goes when. Thus, the bad guys can go multiple turns in a row if your luck runs out.

The game comes with 9 mages to play each with their unique starting card and ability making them all feel and play differently. There are 4 Nameless bosses to tangle with and a ton of cards that make up the Market where you’ll add cards to each mage’s hand.

I’m really looking forward to playing Aeon’s End and hope it becomes 2019’s version of One Deck Dungeon. Of course, my preferred platform would be the iPad but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to play Aeon’s End on our tablets. While it’s coming to Steam next week, it won’t arrive on iPad and Android tablets until September 30. What’s a few more weeks?

Any idea on iPad pricing? This is a really fun game, looking forward to playing it more!

Oh, c*ap. Another game from Handelabra. I hope it sucks. Otherwise I’ve lost all my free time.

At least I have some time until it comes out on the iPad.


They haven’t said, but One Deck Dungeon was a $9-$10 title on the App Store when it launched. I would imagine this to be right around there, but I honestly don’t know.

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I’ve played it a few times on PC (I backed the Kickstarter), and I’m still not sure how to play it well.

I get stomped on Easy mode.

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I could use this sentence to describe pretty much everything in the Handelabra catalog…


For me it’s pretty much everything in every catalog…


One Deck Dungeon is not so bad once you start the hero progression. I also always played with two heroes at a time.

Now Sentinels. That’s another story. I’ve won a few times… Other times it seems there is no way to win.

Hoping this is closer to One Deck Dungeon.