3-4 player Suburbia game?

Not sure if this is the right category, as I don’t really want a tournament, but just to try a game out.

Suburbia was just updated on iOS . Makes the app universal, but I don’t really care about that.

What it also seems to have fixed is my inability to play an async game of it.

After the previous update, I couldn’t access any games in progress. Starting anew one didn’t help. If I left the app, I couldn’t access the game again.

After updating tonight, I tried it out and discovered that I can now.

So anybody up for a game?

Have to already be Gamecenter friends, unfortunately.

I love this game so much. It’s such a shame that the app was a disaster. If the multiplayer is fixed I’d love to add this one to our repertoire - count me in!

It still has one annoying bug, but it can be avoided easily.

If you build your suburb past the left edge of your player board, the tile you placed will disappear on your next turn.

Try it and see for yourself (not sure if this is only in multiplayer or whether it’s also in games against the AI)

Easy way to avoid it is to not build that far to the left, but it is slightly limiting.

Im always up for some suburbia

Are we GC friends, Snotty? I think so. If so, will definitely include you.

I’d play

Do you have Snotty on your GC list?

If so, we could do a 4-player game. :slight_smile: But you’d have to set it up. Neither js619 or myself have him on ours.

I’ll play

I’ve got snotty and whovian, but not js on my GC list

I’ve sent an invite to @JaneHatke @whovian223 and @Snotty128 because I had all of their GC names already.

@js619 if you message me your GC email I’m happy to add you and get another one going.


@Snotty128 can you message me your real name? It looks like I can send an invite through iMessage but only full names pop up as options. I know you are in that list, but not sure who!

Alright, invite sent to @Snotty128 @whovian223 and @js619

Will it work?..

I got my turn as the 2nd player, so thats a good start

I’m in!!

Warning, though. In my 3 player game with Snotty and some other player, I never saw the final score because I wasn’t the one who took the last turn.

So somebody may have to report the scores

I’m in too, just made my move!

Well done! How did you make it work?

To invite someone that isn’t already a GC friend, go into in progress games. Click Game Center bottom left. Then the Plus in top right. Add emails or select GC friend in the GC drop down then send

We tried that and couldn’t get it to work. Glad you did!

@js619 let me know if you don’t see the end of our game. I can post a pic of the final score.

Thanks, but I think I’m good. No need to see that debacle again :astonished: