What are you playing?

I did not. I think I only read the name once or twice…need to check it out a bit…

Has anyone played The Witness? I’m just looking to see if it lives up to the hype.

As a puzzle game, it’s superb; as a walking simulator, it’s quite pretty; as a vehicle for pseudo-philosophical waffling, it’s pretty tedious. I enjoyed it, but I’d have enjoyed it more if I’d skipped the audiologs and video clips and just stuck to the (very challenging, very fair, very satisfying) puzzles.


Since the early days of the App Store, and exemplified by vanilla Angry Birds, the promise of mobile game has always been unique games that take advantage of the portability and of the touch screen on mobile devices. Unfortunately I feel that that quickly devolved into a cesspool of timers and non-games. Every once in a while, though, a game rolls around that shows off what mobile gaming can be. Even though it was originally a PC game, I feel liked One Finger Death Punch 2 is such a game, and I am enjoying it quite a lot. I don’t often buy “arcade” games, but this one won me over with its visuals and I can’t get enough. Great game!


Initially I just picked up 2 games during the Steam Summer Sale, Monster Train (which I love and am looking forward to additional content this week) and The Witcher 3. Now that I have a 2TB external SSD with Bootcamp on it, it really opens up my game options on my Mac, and really have always wanted to play Witcher 3. And 3 hours in, it bored me to death.

Fortunately, some of you in the Switch thread mentioned Borderlands 3, so I picked that up for PC and wow, am I addicted. I just got off the first planet last night, and am having a lot of fun. That is not even my style of game, but for some reason it is hitting just right for me.


Heh, I kinda liked Borderlands 2, but the Pre-Sequel bored me and I really enjoyed Witcher 3. Was going to pass on Bl3 but might give it a go now.

Went all in on WH40K during the sales…Mechanicus, Sanctus Reach, Gladius and Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. Should keep me occupied through the next lockdown and/or winter.


I hear Gladius and it makes me think about that classic SRPG from the OG Xbox. Consoles were not great for that genre back then, so it really stood out.


Are you talking about the game married Final Fantasy Tactics with Roman gladiatorial combat? There was a time when I would buy any SRPG I could get my hands on and I did own that, though I only vaguely remember it.


oh, how i LOVED that game!
have played it through for many times.


I kinda want to play it again myself. Wish they would drop it on the Switch or something. And yeah @Mirefox that’s the one.

Has anyone tried the On Tour app? The fact that it is a roll & write with multiplayer (at least the update history says multiplayer was added) is intriguing to me.

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I tried it very briefly and it didn’t hook me, but I’m not a huge roll and write fan. The app certainly seemed well made.


Carrion released today and holy human excrement is this game fun!

I am usually not for either action/puzzlers and/or horror games but this game is so much fun!

Beautiful sprite graphics (but OF COURSE!) eery and sinister minimalist OST and the terrified screams of humans when I tear into them is so…

Ok maybe I have to check in with my failing sanity but if you ever wanted to be the grotesque biomutant mass/ monster chasing the humans for a change, this is your game!

Release your inner Hentai-Tentacle-Mons…ok I’ll see myself out…oh I got another one! UNLEASH THE KRAKEN! muharrrharrharrharr

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Want to get it on Switch!

I found GEMP. It’s all too easy to give in to my old obsession once more.

Anyone played Bad North? Worth it?

I have not but I recall some people talking about it, here. I don’t know to which version you are referring but the iOS version is currently on sale for $3.99 US.

The Switch version is currently on sale too!

I enjoyed Bad North a bit on both of those platforms, although I got more play out of the mobile version than the Switch one. The controls lend themselves really well to touchscreens. I don’t think it’s worth the “Switch tax” but would recommend it on iOS.

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I played BN on iOS and found it to be a greatly polished game, just thoroughly boring for my interests. It got many great reviews though so maybe I’m not the best to compare notes with.
I found that it’s a very basic RTS tower defense game. The upgrades are very limited and the gameplay loop got old for me.
There are TD games that I do like on iOS such as infinitode and dungeon warfare so it’s not that I don’t like TD’s. I also like rymdkapsel which has a close comparison by being a rts type TD. But still, I saw the limitation of depth and gameplay loop real quick in Bad North.

Check out some YouTube gameplay to see if it will grip you I’d suggest. The game is straight forward. Really nothing’s hidden from interpretation so you should be able to gauge your interests from YT gameplay.