Trese Brothers' latest, Star Traders: Frontiers, sets a course for mobile


Just posting this update here, for those who may be like myself in waiting for device sync’ing to get sucked into Star Traders: Frontiers (I backed it on Kickstarter back in 2014, so it’s not like I’m withholding financial support until they meet my demands, it’s more that I’ve been waiting 4+ years already after funding this to start playing, so I’ll wait a bit longer).

Anyway, this was posted over the weekend on Steam, and the hardworking responsive Trese Brothers replied that night/St. Patrick’s Day morning: :sunglasses: :shamrock:

Rezna Mar 16 @ 9:11pm

Any plan to make saves cross platform?

I have the game for my phone and on steam just wondering if there’s any plans to make a way to play my saves back and forth?

Trese Brothers [developer] Mar 17 @ 12:14am

Yes, we are hoping to be able to achieve that eventually, but are committed to delivering our Kickstarter rewards first (fighters and carriers).


It’s also worth pointing that, as of update #138, Carriers and Fighters have been pushed back a step in the development road-map:


Oh dear, can I have a Double life-expectancy-tripler on the Rocks, please…

So many games so little time, but damn I am a sucker for Carrier/Strike-Craft Combat in Science Fiction Settings.
This game gets better and better. Hat tip to the Brothers that they

a: carry through their promises
b: didn’t abandon the iOS/Android platform like SO many others out there

Some of my “frienemies” laugh at me but damn I will be the first/best/only player who will excel in Strike Craft Combat in Stellaris even if it is the last thing I do…(this is an obsession of mine since the early days of hot-seat Master of Orion 2 matches after high school…)


Received a Kickstarter update this week, Small Craft Stretch Goal was finished and released to Steam, they were finishing up the port to mobile: :sunglasses:

We have now delivered the Small Craft Stretch Goal which marks a big milestone in the life cycle of the Star Traders: Frontiers KickStarter. We have hit the final stretch goal and the final feature reward promised for the game.

We have now completed every non-creative reward. With this major feature behind us, we are now turning all of our attention to adding the remaining backers’ creative content to the game with new story arcs, vignettes and eras.

I’m still hoping, along with them, that they will find time to delve into iOS device sync’ing in the near future. :sunglasses: (Not meant as a negative towards their small team or Star Traders, it’s more a negative towards myself that I make more progress when I can tinker on the go on my iPhone, and enjoy a larger screen at home on my iPad, and better compete with all the other entertainment distractions competing for my time. I backed them on Kickstarter back in 2014, so I’m already a fan and supporter. :slightly_smiling_face: )


The mobile patch is now online as well, see that patch notes?
I’ve read novellas shorter than that…need to get in the game…carrier combat in space me like a LOT!


Oh, boy, do I need to get around to this game at some point. I’m working on the backlog and this one is in the future, when I’ve cleared out the garbage and mediocre tier games.


You should clear out faster lol.

This will be my 4th character. It’s so good.