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The same could not be said of Theresa May, who rose to the occasion like a replicant Anglepoise lamp. Basic shambles model. Indeed, speaking of the abdication, it’s grimly amusing to consider that Theresa May’s big intervention in the 2015 general election campaign was to warn that “if we saw a Labour government propped up by the SNP, it could be the biggest constitutional crisis since the abdication”. As it turned out, madam would have something rather bigger up her own sleeve.


That was a very entertaining read, though I had no idea who most of those politicians were and have not been following May’s landslide de-election due to the all-systems clusterfuck that we have here in the US where our entire government is shut down.


Same here … I love the Brits, but other than Winston Churchill (of whom I’m a big fan), “The Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher is about the only other Prime Minister that comes to mind, myself (well, okay, Neville Chamberlain).

I’m in awe of what the Brits were able to accomplish in the Falklands War, I for one will never doubt the resolve of the Brits after both World War II and the Falklands. I may have no idea what they’re up to, but I don’t doubt they’ll do it if they set their mind to. :+1:



The AF447 report is extra bleak when you look at it as a case study in UI design failure.


I regularly think I’ve remembered it wrong and go back and re-read it. Some rough chuckles.


That intro soundtrack still gets me going!


Almost as much as all the cocaine snorted by the cast. I say the cast, I mean Jan-Michael Vincent, on his own, with no help from anyone.


Meh, it was the 80’s, all the cool kids were doing it… :wink:


And the uncool kids!


I loved that show!

It probably doesn’t age well, though. :slight_smile:


Ah, sit for a minute, my friend, and I’ll tell you a tale. It was several years ago, before my betrothal and offspring, when I lived the high life of the oft rumored bachelor. It was the height of the DVD era, you’ll note, and well before the advent of the giant called Amazon.

On one of my more lucky days, or so I thought, I received an item of (actual) mail from… none other than… Time-Life. Magazines, you ask? No… Pictorial collections? Ha! This, my good friends, was for none other than a subscription to your favorite classic TV shows, “digitally remastered” on the glorious medium of DVD! Pick your poison kids, will it be the A-Team? Knight Rider? Some other 80’s shtick? Or, lol and behold, Airwolf? Could it be? My childhood, digitally remastered and available to view whenever I desired?

I’ll pause and let you absorb the sheer gravity of this.

Of course I signed up and probably paid quite the extortionist rate. I’d like to think that when the first disc arrived I had a viewing party, or broke out a fine old scotch, or dressed up like Stringfellow. Alas, the memories were shattered by the sheer cries of “what the actual fuck!” spewing from my mouth.

tl;dr: to say that Airwolf does not stand the test of time is not merely a statement, but rather, a glaring understatement. Let it live in your memories, where it belongs.

ETA: Also, I was 7 in 1984. Where the hell were my parents that I was watching Airwolf???


They were busy doing cocaine.


You win the internet. Well done and all lol!


Guy coulda been Clint Eastwood crossed with Harrison Ford:



Or Morten Harket, lead singer of a-ha:

I love how these photos from the 1980s are in black and white, as though we hadn’t invented color film yet.


This link is to a digital photo captured by a 24.9 billion pixel camera in China. It allows you to zoom into anything in the photo, to a seemingly impossible degree.


That’s pretty cool. It reminds me of some tech demo I saw years ago for (I think) the PS4; the demo wasn’t a photo, but a computer image, but you could keep zooming in seemingly infinitely.


Something akin to the puzzle box of The Room, forged from wrought iron with amazing focus, down to making the individual screws and springs. Craftsmanship for its own sake. The making-of video is fascinating.