The Glass Teat, or 'Television'

Devs is brilliant.


I have to figure Katzenberg is the only one surprised by this. Who really wants something that’s a paid, high-gloss version of Youtube or Tiktok? They’re already free.

Agreed. If I have ten minutes to kill I’d rather play a game of Threes or mindlessly watch someone dancing on TikTok…

The Great. Shades of The Favourite here, a fictional filling of the gaps in a historical setting, as the Prussian Catherine is married to Peter III of Russia. While I feel it goes too far into the fiction, it is still an excellent depiction of a cultured but poor princess being dropped into a backwards Russian court and expected to sink or swim. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are perfect in their roles, simplified as they are. It is very very funny.

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Started Watchmen. First episode was okay; didn’t really give me a good sense of what was going on. Watched the second episode last night, and it made me laugh out loud multiple times as the show did something both bananas and aware of its own absurdity. Not only is that absolutely my jam, anyway, it felt almost like an apology coming from one of the minds behind Lost, which would have been wonderful for me if they’d had more of a plan behind the strangeness. But one of the few things I’ve read about Watchmen is that it knows where it’s going, so Lindelof seems to have found a way to exercise his love of creating weird moments without just blundering about with unexplained oddities. I am totally on board with this show now.


I know I’m in the minority, but I never really cared for the comic and didn’t particularly like the movie. I’m tempted to give the show a try, but feel like I would be disappointed.

Never saw the movie nor read the comics, but absolutely LOVED the show. Had no idea what was going on at times to the point that I had to stop and google stuff, but really enjoyed the show and am looking forward to the second season fwiw

The series is good. I was most surprised; I consider Lindelof an incompetent cretin but he got big parts of Watchmen right and told a good story. The end is not so good and misses the mark, but overall I was very pleased with it, as someone who loves the comic.

Hopefully there won’t be a second season, unless they come up with something just as good. The series told its story.

First two episodes of Mad Men…does it pick up? A bit of a slow start atm…

Not really. It is a slow show. If you like the character drama you’ll like the show but font expect a thrilling pace.

I may have worded that incorrectly, “thrilling pace” isn’t hat I signed up for, “character drama” for that I did, but THE DRAMA is a bit slow to start as well. So I was thinking will the show develop more on that front, or not?

So my bad :slight_smile:

Let’s put it this way: I watched it all the way through. I enjoyed it. It was also one of the slowest and most pointless shows I’ve watched and enjoyed.


This. So much this.

Trying Condor again. Like the book. Love the film. The series?

War of the Worlds, the 2019 version. I really enjoyed watching the human race get exterminated. There’s some really grim stuff here, mass deaths of civilian populations, dead children, suicides, you name it. Decent production values for a TV series, and a realistic air to the proceedings. Loved it.

ooo… tell me more lol… what platform?



It’s on Epix. You can get a free 7 day trial on either Amazon Prime or AppleTV.

Or I suppose you could fly your black flag if you felt the need to go that route.


The Outer Limits. There was truly no better series when I was a teen for a heady mix of scifi, horror, and top quality female nudity. I thought I’d seen every episode, but on briefly checking wikipedia, I saw I had missed some and am using that as an excuse to binge the lot.

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