The Actual Table


Well, you know, ideally that would be the case…


Haven’t played Specter Ops, but I’ll check it out. Though I did just think of another–Museum Caper Clue, which I love.


I did my review of the Clank in Space expansion, Apocalypse. A really great expansion, I think!

Not in the purview of this site, but if you go check out the review, I also did a review of a wonderful book on the Vietnam War yesterday as well.


Hey, we do have a books thread!


Ack! I forgot about that one.

But I self-promote so much already, I wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate. :slight_smile:



We have these built in bookshelves that I’ve been storing my games on for years. They are wood, painted white. I just realized that they are leaving marks on Every. Single. One. Of. My. Games. I’m having a panic attack at the moment…


Like cutthroat card games?

Give Arboretum a try. Check out my review, with ninjas! (Ok, not many ninjas, but a couple).


Anybody played “Detective, a modern crime board game” ?

I havent played it, but got a mail today that you can play a special demo case (available for 14 days from today)
They did this as a promotion, euhm I mean to celebrate 25 different awards and nominations.

Have watched a review, it seems like a fun game. 8,2 at BGG for whats it worth.
So let’s see if we can play it in these two weeks.

For those interested:


I picked it up from Ignacy at Gen Con but can’t find anyone to play it with me. It’s only been nearly 10 months…

From what I can tell, it’s pretty cool. The writing is…not great, but tolerable. I was a little put off by the time aspect…feels very gamey as opposed to the rest of the game which is more akin to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. With games like this I like to slow down and take my time to ponder the options, whereas Detective forces every move to fit into a time schedule which you’re penalized for not sticking to.

Someday I’ll actually play it…