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Well, you know, ideally that would be the case…


Haven’t played Specter Ops, but I’ll check it out. Though I did just think of another–Museum Caper Clue, which I love.


I did my review of the Clank in Space expansion, Apocalypse. A really great expansion, I think!

Not in the purview of this site, but if you go check out the review, I also did a review of a wonderful book on the Vietnam War yesterday as well.


Hey, we do have a books thread!


Ack! I forgot about that one.

But I self-promote so much already, I wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate. :slight_smile:



We have these built in bookshelves that I’ve been storing my games on for years. They are wood, painted white. I just realized that they are leaving marks on Every. Single. One. Of. My. Games. I’m having a panic attack at the moment…


Like cutthroat card games?

Give Arboretum a try. Check out my review, with ninjas! (Ok, not many ninjas, but a couple).


Anybody played “Detective, a modern crime board game” ?

I havent played it, but got a mail today that you can play a special demo case (available for 14 days from today)
They did this as a promotion, euhm I mean to celebrate 25 different awards and nominations.

Have watched a review, it seems like a fun game. 8,2 at BGG for whats it worth.
So let’s see if we can play it in these two weeks.

For those interested:


I picked it up from Ignacy at Gen Con but can’t find anyone to play it with me. It’s only been nearly 10 months…

From what I can tell, it’s pretty cool. The writing is…not great, but tolerable. I was a little put off by the time aspect…feels very gamey as opposed to the rest of the game which is more akin to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. With games like this I like to slow down and take my time to ponder the options, whereas Detective forces every move to fit into a time schedule which you’re penalized for not sticking to.

Someday I’ll actually play it…


I finally got to play Wingspan tonight. I loved it. Probably more importantly, my wife loved it and said more than once, “we need to get this.”

Strategically, it is a solid game, though it doesn’t have the depth of a game like Terraforming Mars. What it does, though, it does well and very cleanly. Production is amazing and the theme is one that I personally enjoy a lot. I also have to give the designer a ton of credit for managing to match the species with abilities/habitats/size/food/etc. and still make it solid game.

I actually won our first game significantly by 30 points or so, but then our second game ended with a score of 81/80/80, which is driving two of us crazy.


I am here, in this post, simply to give a tip of the hat to Magic: The Gathering. I was just recently introduced to Saga cards via the Magic Arena app; I think they look cool, they have cool flavor, and the way the work is cool. It sometimes amazes me that a game as old as Magic and with as many cards and mechanics as Magic can introduce new mechanics that work. Sure, not every mechanic or every set is a winner, but the game design is just so solid.


Posted my “new to me games - May” early because the end of the month is on the weekend and I know I won’t be playing anything new again until at least Sunday.

Only three games, but they’re old!


Any thoughts on Mare Nostrum?


I’ve never played it, but it looks cool.


On holiday, got some gaming in, and we did the 4 cases of the Jack the Ripper campaign on 4 successive nights. It’s been one of my best ever gaming experiences, not because the game is flawless (far from it), but because it’s a system we know well, and it’s dropped us in the deep end versus a serious challenge. It taxed our minds, our co-operative skills, and our patience perhaps a little too much, but it was utterly worth it. By the last case we were splashing around in a pool of possibilities, drowning in names, times, places, and events. Absolutely infuriating at times, including some truly jaw-dropping final scoring questions that come out of nowhere, but regardless.


Played the free “Suburbia” case with 2 friends. It was a fun enough experience so we decided to buy the game.

Only took us longer then expected. So we hadnt any time left to play Wingspan again, which was a pitty.


Mare Nostrum is a good mix of euro-y resource management and DoaM. It’s a good game.


I really want to take Zeppelin Raider for a spin, but I am right in the middle of moving across the country, so it’ll have to wait a few days…


I love The Estates, I am terrible at The Estates. One of the biggest defeats I’ve ever suffered was against a new player, last week. Demoralizing.

In other news, I fucking destroyed him at TFM twice, so I’m only slightly depressed.