Stately Scrying: What we're playing this weekend


Seconded, on all counts. People here really need to stop making me want a Switch …


Damn, I even had the “Worlds of Power” novelization. I forgot how much I loved that game…


It has really turned into one of the best 2018 purchases for consoles for me. Especially with mobile going the way it’s going.

There are a lot of ports from other platforms, but (at least to me) there does seem to be some care taken with the ports I’ve bought. Not too mention everything else (I can go on for a long while). About the only thing I really want is a Fortune Street and a Culdcept Revolt.

I do wish mobile (phone and tablet) was better, but it seems like that ship has sailed, especially with the rumors of an Apple Gaming Subscription.


Holy cow, would I I’ve Culdcept on a mobile device!


I have Culdcept Revolt on my 3DS, but I fried the SD card so I need to start over. So many online bonuses lost sigh



For sure, phone and tablet mobile gaming has turned into such a disappointment, for me, from the high hopes I had for it with the power of mobile devices that we now have. Apple seems to be trying to undermine premium games, such as poor sync’ing implementation between devices for devs and then eliminating the affiliate commission program completely to dry up third party editorial review sites. Now all the revenue goes to Apple as game publishers throw more money at them as developers pay for prominent placement on App Store search results, and customers are at the mercy of Apple’s Search Ad business (Apple looking at $2 billion from Search Ad business alone by 2020). Apple still provides affiliate commissions for movies, TV shows, music, and books, it’s just the app customers being flushed down the toilet. :slightly_frowning_face:

The good news is that I woke up and smelled the coffee, and am now a confirmed Nintendo Switch enthusiast. I will caution that premium portable gaming on the Switch is addictive! :slightly_smiling_face:


I mentioned to my wife earlier that I’d like a Switch, and her response was, “Well, Father’s Day is coming.” Here’s hoping I can hold out until June … :grin:


Appropriate response depending on how much you value life - “So is Valentine’s Day!”



That was great.


You’d never hear from me again.


FWIW, I’m finding D3 on the Switch incredibly addicting. Not having played a console version of Diablo III before, I wasn’t familiar with the adjustments made to support controllers, and playing Diablo III handheld is amazing. When @js619 says “… Diablo III on the Switch, which imho, is the perfect platform for the game.”, you won’t find me arguing with him. :sunglasses:

Bunkered in this weekend from the cold weather, relaxing in the La-Z-Boy recliner playing Diablo III handheld on the Switch, twitch streaming on the TV with Bluddshed also playing Diablo III Season 16, may be the most Diablo fun I’ve had since my Diablo II addiction. :heart: