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Downloading it now. He’s right, though, it’s not like xcom. How dare the designer of xcom make a different game! 1-Star!


Grabbing it as well… lemme get my feet wet and we’ll get some MP going


Age of Sigmar Champions just landed on mobile today. (links for android and ios there)

By Playfusion who also did the Lightseekers CCG app, which was a solid app but the theme didn’t keep my interest.

Happy to see a digital CCG that plays in portrait, that isn’t Mabinogi Duel.


Most reviewers are idiots, present company excluded. I usually just look at the reviews to see if a game is buggy or not, but even then I take it with a grain of salt.


Plants vs. Zombies Heroes plays in portrait and is actually quite good, though the power creep is quite extreme.


Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that one. Played it for a month or so when it was in beta.

Looks like AoS:C shares some of the mechanics of Lightseekers (cards rotate and perform differently based on the facing)

Enjoying it so far, but I’ve only just cleared the tutorials and unlocked all the starter decks.

Also like that they give you the option to scan in and use the physical cards you own in the digital version. (not that I own any)


For those interested, Lightseekers appears to be quite discounted now. My local Ollie’s got a load of stuff in, so I bought a bunch for my son’s birthday in a couple weeks. At $4 for a six-inch figure, I thought it worthwhile just for the toys; if the game’s any good, I’ll view it as a bonus.


I downloaded AoS:C and played a couple games but I bounced off it pretty hard. I commend it for using a mechanic I’ve not played before and there were some interesting decisions to be made, but something just didn’t click. Part of the issue, I think, is that the interaction between both sides is heavily abstracted so I often felt I was playing a solitaire puzzle game. Whatever the case, I just wasn’t for me.


Stockpile released on Google Play:

Enjoying it so far (working my way through the tutorials).

Interesting that it’s doesn’t appear to be in the clutches of Asmodee, like Isle of Skye was.


It is out on iOS as well. I bought it instantly.


Sounds like we need to set up an async game and test it out…


I’m not sure if this is a game for me, but it sounds like an async game of it may be enough to get me to buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Barnes & Noble seems to have their clearance section up again. I’ve snagged a ton of great games from 50%-75% off in here past sales. My local store is currently at %50 off, and there aren’t many great games on the table at the moment, but it is worth checking out as your store may have a different selection.


Kind of mysterious release notes from the first, and mandatory, Twilight Struggle update in a year:

What exactly do any of those three points mean?

[also, this is the 1000th post in this thread!]


I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I beat you to 1,000 by one post.:yum:

as for Twilight Struggle, those points are all a bunch of weird gobbledygook. Where is my universal update?


Ok, it did say mine was 1000 when I posted but 1001 is even better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On a slightly more serious note, I notice there is a big Asmodee banner on the loading screen of TS after the update, maybe that is the first point in the patch notes?


GrimValor, which our own @Pitta feels very strongly about (to say the least) judging from his Twitter feed, is set to release October 10th. Pre-orders are open now, with a 30% discount. Billed as a hack and slash rpg meets platformer of sorts.


There’s been a few bugs that have been around for years now. The only ones that have come up for me are issues with removing influence for Cuban Missile Crisis at different stages in an AR (playing into Cuba and removing the influence right away before getting realigned), and Soviets playing influence into Argentina with The Iron Lady. I don’t have a problem with the latter, but technically it isn’t allowed according to the rulebook.

Hopefully they have sorted some of these out!


I’m hoping for a fix for the bug that involves @Hardco continually kicking my butt… :confused:


Wasn’t there an update to the TOS for Appstore recently?

Targeting the very specific BS practice to update your app frequently with totally nonsensical patch notes? Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc are doing this regularly…obfuscating the details because devious schemes must be hidden to be truly devious…

Seems the guidelines are still that…things nobody cares for and nobody enforces if only in totally random ways (like censoring flags in historically accurate (or attempting to be) games and the like…