Stately Balls Of Steel


Yes. There are also people carrying an Xmas tree even though this episode of AD had nothing to do with Xmas.


One of the top comedies of all time!


One of my goals with any new Pinball table is to set all the local high scores. I find that putting at least that much effort into a table will help me learn it well enough to know whether I like the table or not. Most tables are not too difficult to set local high scores in, but there are some I struggle with like Rome or Archer. Some tables have higher built-in local scores like AVP or Deadpool (what a troll). Outside of Deadpool, I think The Last Jedi has the highest built-in local scores, with the highest being 100M. This suggests to me that it is an easier table, which may have already been confirmed here, though I have yet to break the 20M mark.


I’ve only played a couple games so far, and I should read the table guide, but my initial feeling is the top level is a waste of a lot of table space, and makes for a not very interesting table.


Farsight’s licensing agreement for Bally/Midway/Williams tables is expiring. 60 tables will be gone after June. That’s a huge chunk of their library. I’m guessing they will focus on their Stern license for future releases though their release schedule for new tables has gone off a cliff. Not sure what their future plans are.


My local pinball place finally reopened! They must have a dozen tables in there, although bride of pinbot is conspicuously missing much to my distress.

In the mean time I’ve had a bit of a play on getaway, because my boy thought the car one looked cool. He thought it was even cooler when I got a multiball on my first play, so I’ll be playing that one again.

I lasted all of 60 seconds on the Addams family, its rather aggressive draining won’t be taking many more of my tokens.

Finally I got on the twilight zone table (my brain insists it’s the twilight struggle table every time I think about it). I had a good blast on that one and will be going back to that one for sure. I’ll probably look up some kind of board guide or see if it’s on one of the pinball apps


Zen just released three new tables from the Han Solo movie. I’ll come back with impressions once I have a chance to play them a bit.

In other Zen news, Zen acquired the Ballys and Williams licenses, which is interesting. I wonder how they will incorporated real life tables given that their physics model is much more arcadey.

Finally, sorry for not keeping up with the biweekly tourneys. I knew I would falter, but that was a pretty quick tournament death.


It was fun while it lasted!


The new Solo table feels very uninspired. Sure, there are graphics and cutouts of the major characters from the movie, and the Falcon in its original configuration sits front and center, but there isn’t much special about the table. The layout is nice but the table is little more than ramp or orbit shots. There are a couple modes that darken the table, which is kind of neat but not amazing. Audio callouts are pretty bad. The music is excellent…but it is from Empire Strikes Back, not Solo. There are worse tables, but there are also better. I’ll be trying the Lando table next.


I’m holding out hope that they’ll do the Star Trek: TNG table at some point now that they have the Williams license. They mentioned that licensed tables like TNG and Twilight Zone weren’t out of the question when they got the license. Having all those tables along with all the digital original tables already in Zen and in a format that actually works (unlike PA, which loses my tables about 33% of the time) would be amazing.


Yes, but I am skeptical if he Williams tables will be in Zen/Pinball FX. Since, I assume, the will need a different physics engine, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of Zen’s real-world tables are in a separate app.