Review: Civilization VI


This sale is incredible!


This is a great deal for those I think who like to play Civilization, a few months back I also used to play
Civ 3 but did not able to finish the game. What other game are you guys playing currently, I know that RPG is the father of every game?
Well, I used to play Player unknown battleground on the PC itself. I also like to play a shooter video game.


Ok, the “bonus” leader of the “Gathering Storm” Expansion is Elanor of Aquitaine which is being used both by France and England with different resulting flavors/slight appearance changes…a stroke of genius or pure corporate greediness?

I am still not decided on that matter (especially as I am not too fond of playing either nation).
What I am still adamant about is that they could have released a TON more alternative leaders by now. They have a bazillion choices to pick from of half their current nations. Many of them were already represented in earlier Civ games, so why not go all out here?