Review: Civilization VI

This sale is incredible!

This is a great deal for those I think who like to play Civilization, a few months back I also used to play
Civ 3 but did not able to finish the game. What other game are you guys playing currently, I know that RPG is the father of every game?
Well, I used to play Player unknown battleground on the PC itself. I also like to play a shooter video game.

Ok, the “bonus” leader of the “Gathering Storm” Expansion is Elanor of Aquitaine which is being used both by France and England with different resulting flavors/slight appearance changes…a stroke of genius or pure corporate greediness?

I am still not decided on that matter (especially as I am not too fond of playing either nation).
What I am still adamant about is that they could have released a TON more alternative leaders by now. They have a bazillion choices to pick from of half their current nations. Many of them were already represented in earlier Civ games, so why not go all out here?

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I’m not sure how they can send me a push notification advertising “the full civilisation 6 experience” when we still don’t have the frontier pass on iOS…

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It also irks me that they have working notifications for advertisements but can’t send notifications when it is your turn in a game…


I personally think you’re nitpicking a bit unfairly here. Frontiers “released” for PC from May this year and “releases” bit by bit bi-monthly until something like Q1 next year. Did you really expect them to do that concurrently with iOS? (And android).
Is Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm, and all the other Civs packs not enough to hold you out until they release Frontiers on iOS?
There are not many games at all that have concurrent releases with the PC counterparts. And PC often forms the platform of choice for testing and release and bug squashing rather than ending up with a mess all at once on all platforms.

Who even says rise and fall and gathering storm isn’t “the full experience”. Just because there’s currently a bi-monthly release of some more stuff which you don’t at all need, doesn’t mean rise and fall and gathering storm doesn’t give you “the full experience”. They’re pretty great expansions, and they were the full experience on PC for years.

I think you’ve taken me way too seriously there Shadowfax. Most of what I post is just nonsense anyway. I just found it amusing there was a random push notification.

As to your idea that the iOS experience is currently the complete experience, I don’t see how you can objectively make that argument when there’s more official content on other platforms. As far as I know that content is due to be ported to iOS at some point. We could go quite deep semantically on the nature of completeness, but the whole discussion would be quite a stretch, and certainly contrary to common sense.

It was the complete civ6 base experience :slight_smile:

I thoroughly enjoyed that base experience. And then I thoroughly enjoyed Rise and Fall.

That said, I would to be able to keep close to releases, but I am also not willing to pay $60 for an iOS expansion. I normally wait until Xmas or whenever they give you a >50% discount.

So the experience remains amazing!

Whatever you say Snotty👍

I think Gathering Storm is still 50% off. Though you did use the > and not the ≥.

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