Quick survey: Who still owns/plays N. Hex?

I have a pretty good idea for an event, even though multi-player is borked. But it would be best if we had maybe eight or so interested parties.

I guess the app isn’t even available any longer, so the first step is to make sure some folks around here still have it. So please respond below with your current N. Hex status.

For the record: own it, play it, would enter an event.

And I’m now going to tag some of the usual suspects:

@JammaTal @Mirefox @robthomasson @Zebracadabra @Hardco @JHTaube @jason1002 @whovian223 @irishdomer08 @JaneHatke @KYakerDude @geigerm @JMH.75

I own it but haven’t played for quite some time due to broken multiplayer. I’d play if it isn’t a convoluted process.

It would be stone simple. Like, even Slide to Play folks would understand it.

I would like to own/play it, but the app isn’t available.

I own it and I think it’s on my iPad, but I haven’t played it in ages, since I did some async plays with @js619

Just confirmed it’s still on my iPad. Own it, play it, would enter an event.

I’d play

I unfortunately deleted it a while ago.

@geigerm, you should be able to get it back from your personal archives.
gone from public appstore in most cases doesn’t mean gone from “purchased” list too.

and i own it and would follow Duke’s call to arms.

while i’m not overexcited by the prospect of NHex 3.0 coming out in Q2/2021 because Portal still has to prove that they are capable of handling async MP at all, i must admit that a little bit of new hope is better than the void we had before.
it’s back on our minds!

I’ve got it installed, but I’m not convinced the app actually works

I don’t have it, I would like to have it, it is not in the store :weary:

@JammaTal was right, of course—the app was in my “purchased” list. So I have it. I’m very rusty (and was never much good to begin with), but I’m up for whatever Duke puts together.

I found the app lurking mournfully. Using it would depend on time/ability to refresh … but I remember the game being worthy of much better treatment …

To be fair, it was excellent in its early days. Killed by atrophy.

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I own it, but I never really learned the game. I probably wouldn’t play in an event.

Okay, here was my idea: a solo challenge over nine games.

I’d prefer a PvP event, of course, but I’m not sure we could do it, even with workarounds. But I miss N. Hex, so I thought this would be an okay substitute, for now.

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